Spring Cleaning Tips That Every Sales Professional Needs

Is your house getting a thorough cleaning this spring? Best to ensure your customer lists are cleaned up, too! It’s important to keep your customer lists and your sales process up to date so that they can be as efficient for your business as possible. Here’s your “to do” list:

  1. Clean up your customer list: There are a few options to do this
    1. Upload your list to your Salesgenie account and append the information. With data appends you can add missing information like phone numbers and email addresses.
    2. Contact your Salesgenie account manager and allow them to take care of the data clean up for you.
  2. Clone your best customers: Now that you have cleaned up your list, be sure to take a look at it and identify your best customers. If you already know who those customers are, you’re off to a great start! If you need a little help identifying them, we can help. Salesgenie offers a cloning tool which can help you find new prospects based on the characteristics of your best existing customers.
  3. Dust off your sales process: What is working well with your sales and what could use a tune up? Are you doing a good job of keeping tracking of the efforts of your sales team? At Salesgenie, we offer some tools that can help you succeed such as tagging, notes, and lead status.
  4. Nurture your leads: Just like new spring flowers need water, sun, and fresh fertilizer, most leads convert better with a little nurturing from you. Nurturing can be in the form of personalized emails which provide valuable information about the products or services you offer, special promotions, calls to check in, direct mail complete with a special promotion or coupon, or even online advertising. Staying in front of your prospective customers keeps your business fresh in their minds.

Once your to-do list is complete, you’ll find your business ready to tackle all of the prospects that come your way this spring. You’ll not only close more sales, but you’ll also be working with top customers–something every business strives to accomplish.