Data Axle Genie for Enterprise

Custom Sales and Marketing Solution For Your Company

With Data Axle Genie, you get powerful sales, prospecting, and marketing tools—all in one convenient online application. Take advantage of Data Axle Genie to reduce your prospecting time, find quality B2B and B2C sales leads, and increase your close rates.

Data Axle Genie Enterprise Features

Custom Solutions

  • Build Custom Models
    customer data analytics reporting

    Build Custom Models

    Our services span a broad range of analytical offerings that support the full sales and marketing lifecycle, including strategic planning and ROI-based marketing measurement.

  • API (Data Axle Genie ConnectTM)

    API (Data Axle Genie Connect™)

    Data Axle Genie integrates with third party applications including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, providing targeted sales leads and rich insights into your prospects. Arm your sales team with the intelligence they need to remain confident throughout every step of the sales cycle.

  • Lead Qualification (Data AxleTM)

    Lead Qualification (Data Axle™)

    This platform ensures that your business is connected with both content and informational assets in real-time. Use it to both grow and maximize not only your data assets, but also your marketing campaigns and your overall business.

  • Dedicated Training Support

    Dedicated Training & Support

    At Data Axle Genie, we don’t just deliver great data and marketing tools. We also strive to deliver an excellent customer care experience. Each of our sales and marketing professionals are educated in-depth on every single one of our products and services. Whatever your question, know that you can contact us at any time for the answer.


  • U.S. Businesses & New Business

    15 Million Businesses & Decision Makers

    If you already have a list of customers that you love, we’ve got a tool for you. Using Customer Profiling, the experts at Data Axle Genie will find commonalities among your best customers and potential prospects that we have in our database.

    It’s an easy way to target new leads for your service or product.

  • U.S. Consumers

    Marketing Data on 315 Million Consumers

    When you’re looking to target people or households for your next sales, research, or marketing campaign, InfoUSA’s U.S. Consumer database is your best resource.

    Our targeted consumer mailing lists gives you access to the largest, most accurate and up-to-date information available. Customize your perfect mailing list with dozens of selections such as age, income, home value, ethnicity, and geography.

  • New Movers & New Homeowners

    Weekly New Movers & New Homeowners

    Consumers spend a lot of money during and after a move. Beat your competition to their doors with our New Mover and New Homeowner databases.

    You can create your perfect mailing list by choosing from dozens of selections, including date and distance of move, income, geography and more.

  • Automobile Owners

    Over 60 Million Automobile Owners

    Data Axle Genie gives you access to millions of car and truck owners throughout the US. The data is sourced from auto manufacturers, automobile dealers, service centers, as well as requests for insurance, aftermarket products, and warranties.

    Select by auto class, make, model, year, drive type (AWD/FWD/RWD), mileage, transaction date, households with multiple cars, & VIN – Vehicle Identification Number * (*VIN available for output only)

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Marketing Tools

  • Profile Customers & Identify Best Prospects

    Get Customer Insights

    You can quickly and easily discover new business leads using Data Axle Genie’s industry-leading U.S. Business and New Business databases.

    You’ll be able to pinpoint the perfect list of prospects using search selections such as industry, sales volume, credit rating, ZIP Code, and more.

  • Send Email Campaigns

    Find New Customers With Email Marketing

    Customize prebuilt templates and send professional email campaigns to both prospects and customers. Either do-it-your self or let the marketing professionals at Data Axle Genie take care of the work for you. We can help you send your email campaign at the date and time it will perform best.

    Receive customized real-time reports and track your results!

  • Direct Mail Marketing

    All-In-One List & Direct Mail Tools

    Marketing experts recommend using at least four different channels including direct mail, and no other company makes it easier to get great results than InfoUSA.

    InfoUSA offers a variety of high quality digitally printed products including postcards, brochures, flyers and letters. You can upload your own creative or let one of our experts create a custom design that will grab attention.

    Our Next Business Day print and mail guarantee gets your message in front of customers FASTER. Want to know exactly where your mail is in the delivery process? Our USPS Delivery tracking makes it easy.

  • Display Advertising (Remarketing / Retargeting)

    Muli-channel Marketing with Display Ads

    With decades of proven experience powering intelligent marketing, we build multichannel solutions spanning online and offline methods, including display advertising using contextually relevant information on 235 million individuals and 24 million businesses.

  • Online Search Engine Marketing

    Google, Bing, & Yahoo Experts

    Salesgenie’s team of Certified Google Experts will take care of the work for you.

    You’ll get:

    • Account set-up
    • Campaign management
    • Customer support
    • Detailed reporting
    • Simple billing & payment

    And, most importantly, you’ll have qualified leads coming directly to you.

  • Create & Manage Custom Email Templates

    Online Email Template Builder

    Easily create professional, branded email marketing campaigns. Start by choosing one of our free HTML email templates and customize it in just minutes. Don’t have the time, let the design experts at Data Axle Genie do it for you.

    We can incorporate artwork that you already have or make something from scratch. Give your emails a fresh new look that current customers and targeted prospects will love.

Leads & Lists

  • Unlimited Search & View

    Find Any Business or Consumer

    You’ll have access to search and view a detailed profile of any business, household, or individual across our nationwide business and consumer databases.

  • Google Mapping

    Map Your Customers & Prospects

    This user-friendly tool provides its users with fast and accurate results that sales professionals can count on. Targeted sales leads are identified on a map, providing a view of each lead’s location.

    Mapping can be used to identify clusters of prospects, view locations of previously identified sales opportunities, and it can offer a print out maps that highlight addresses for any upcoming sales trips.

  • Print, Export, & Send to CRM

    Print, Export, or Send to your CRM

    With Data Axle Genie, you can quickly and easily export your data records, as well as print them off. It’s also easy to upload customer information to your CRM. Salesforce and MS Dynamics compatible.

  • Training & Support

    Our Marketing Experts Are Here To Help

    We want every customer to have excellent customer care experience. Each of our sales and marketing professionals are educated in-depth on every single one of our products and services.

    Whatever your question, our dedicated marketing experts are available every step of the way to ensure your success.

Sign up today for your Free 3-Day Trial, or call one of our marketing experts at 877.708.3844 to learn more.

How can we help? Just give one of our marketing experts a call at 877.708.3844

Prospecting Tools

  • Status Leads, Track Notes & Schedule Follow-Ups

    Built In CRM

    Whether you want to remember your last conversation with a sales prospect or your team is collaborating in contacting leads, keep track of what was said.

    By tracking your notes, you and your team can stay on top of how things ended on the last call. Additionally, you can use this tool to schedule a follow-up with prospects you may not have reached out to in a while.

  • Mobile & IPad App

    Includes Our Integrated Mobile App

    At Data Axle Genie, we know that you’re not always sitting in front of a computer when it’s time to prospect. That’s why we created the Data Axle Genie app, downloadable for your smartphone or tablet.

    Use it to stay connected to your best leads, both business and consumer, while you’re on the move. You can also find businesses near your current location, obtain the names of business owners, and more.

  • Prospecting Emails (1-to-1)

    Create & Send Professional Email Campaigns

    It’s easy to send professional-looking email campaigns to your list of prospects. At Data Axle Genie, our design experts will create an eye-catching email template unique to your business.

    From there, our marketing experts will send the email on your behalf and even track results. You can also use our DIY Email Campaign Builder to create campaigns on your own.

  • Customer Retention Emails

    Send Email Campaigns To Customers

    Marketing doesn’t end after the first sale, that’s where it really begins. On average it costs 7x more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.

    Data Axle Genie allows you to send professional email campaigns to both prospects and existing customers, all through one convenient platform.

  • Unlimited Phone Dialer

    Be More Productive With Our Auto Dialer

    If you’re looking to increase contact with your prospects by 15% or more, you need Data Axle Genie Dialer.

    This unique sales solution lets you quickly and easily contact business leads, view company details, and even create notes or follow-up appointments. You’ll stay organized and make your sales calls even more successful.

  • Profile, & Enhance Customer Data
    customer data analytics reporting

    Profile Your Best Customers

    Find prospects that look like your current customers when you use the Customer Profile Analysis from the experts at Data Axle Genie.

    We’ll provide you with a list of targeted selects that will help you discover new customers who are similar to your current ones.

    Plus, we’ll enhance your existing customer data by filling in missing addresses, phone numbers, emails and more with data from our industry-leading databases.

  • Suppress Customer Data

    Upload & Suppress Your Customer List

    Easily suppress unwanted customer files with Data Suppression by Data Axle Genie. We’ll take your existing list of customers and prospects and scrub them against the information in our databases.

    This will ensure that your list contains no unwanted prospects, including those who have requested to be added to the Do Not Call list.

Sales Management Tools

  • Assign Leads

    Assign Leads & Track Activity

    When you want to ensure that your sales team is working smarter, not harder, assign them their leads. This tool will ensure that each of your sales people has their own individual list of leads that they should contact. Your sales representatives will be able to take notes on their leads, change the status of the lead, and much more.

  • Track Activity & Progress

    Stay On Top Of Your Reps Activities

    As a sales leader, it’s important to know where your team stands in terms of activity and progress. This specially designed insights tool will allow you to track the activity of your sales team including the number of leads they’ve contacted. You’ll also be able to track their overall progress so that you can make any adjustments necessary to improve overall sales success.

  • Measure Success

    Activity Leads To Success

    It can be hard to known how successful a list of leads is. That’s why the experts at Data Axle Genie designed a tool that allows sales professionals to measure the success of their campaigns.

  • Collaborate & Connect with Your Team

    Stay On Top Of Your Team

    When you’re on the phone all day, it can be difficult to collaborate and connect with your team members. Using specially designed tools from Data Axle Genie, you’ll be able to collaborate and keep in contact with your team members throughout the day.

    Build camaraderie or even a friendly sense of competition among your sales team.

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