Duplicate data

Top 5 Reasons Why Duplicate Data is Bad for Business

Duplicate data is one of the worst problems that can plague your company’s contact database. However, it often doesn’t get the same attention that inaccurate or incomplete data get in terms of planning priority and safeguard implementation.

The following is a look at some of the most important reasons that duplicate data is a big problem for your database, along with insights on safeguards and benefits of avoiding duplication!

Marketing Budget Waste

Duplicate records lead to wasteful marketing activities in a variety of ways. If you run a direct mail campaign, for instance, you might pay double, triple, or more for the design, development and delivery costs of sending pieces to the same recipient multiple times. Eliminating duplication helps you optimize marketing spend.

Unnecessary Data Storage

Another cost of duplication is unnecessary data storage. Whether you have your own internal tech infrastructure or utilize a cloud database, your costs are somewhat based on the amount of data you store. If you have 20 to 30 percent records duplication, you add significant unnecessary expenses to your investment.

Poor Branding

Beyond the costs, there are branding issues that result from duplicate emails, mailings, or other marketing campaigns. It looks bad to a consumer or business buyer when your company delivers two, three, or more repeat messages. Recent Gartner research even suggests a direct correlation between message duplication and revenue-generation.

A prospect who receives multiple mailers, specifically ones with intricate design, may ask themselves, “Would the price of this solution be lower if the company wasn’t wasting so much sending me multiple mail pieces?”

Negative Targeting Implications

Duplicate records create tremendous challenges for effective targeting. Analytics software and tools are used to match contact profiles with behaviors for optimization of campaigns based on indicated responses.

When you have duplicate records, it is more difficult for software to correctly match people to behaviors. You could have one individual represented through multiple profiles, which give increased weight to that particular person’s activities.

Ineffective Customer Service

Customer service is also rendered less efficient and effective because of duplicate data problems. If a customer calls in, a rep may have difficulty figuring out which of the five accounts attributed to the caller’s name or identifying traits is the right one. This issue leads to delays in response time, lower first-call resolution rates, alienated customers, and less opportunity for add-on selling. Avoiding duplication to reduce employee frustration and improve customer relationships.


These are some of the most compelling branding and financial implications of duplicate data problems. It is difficult for companies to manage data duplication without an expensive infrastructure.

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