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Increase the Number of UCC Leads on Your List

When you want to find businesses that have previously taken out either a business loan or a merchant cash advance, you need a list of ucc leads from Salesgenie®! These individuals already know how alternative financing works because they’ve used it before. So, you can approach them with your offer—no education required!

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Obtain the Perfect UCC Leads

Help ucc sales leads find you when they need your alternative financial services. Connect with Salesgenie and we’ll help you build a list of ucc leads in a snap. Our records include debtor name and address, secured party name and address, filing number, and more. Segment your list of businesses by specific criteria like:

  • Firmographic information
  • Geographic information
  • Presence of UCC filings

What’s Different About Salesgenie?

Satisfaction Guarantee

No list is perfect and at Salesgenie we recognize this, but we also want to make it right. So, if you receive bad ucc leads data from us, contact us and receive a refund for the portion of your ucc leads list that was undeliverable, out-of-date or disconnected.

Plans for Every Business

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to ucc leads needs for businesses. That’s why we offer unique leads packages that allow you to target businesses, consumers, or both. Every package also includes marketing and analytics solutions to help you grow your business.

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Why commit to something that may not be the right fit for your business? Sign up for your totally free 3-day trial of Salesgenie. There’s no obligation, and no credit card required.

More Than Data

When your sales and marketing needs are more robust than merely purchasing a ucc leads list, Salesgenie has tools that can help. From marketing services like email templates and direct mail pieces to data enhancement services for your existing list of ucc leads, we have it all.

Compilation and Verification of Your UCC Leads List

At Salesgenie, we believe it’s incredibly important to have real people making phone calls and verifying our databases. That is why we dedicate over 300 full-time researchers to ensure our business and consumer records are kept up to date. We also invest over $20 million annually to ensure our ucc leads data remains accurate. We gather data for our business and consumer lists from a variety of sources including:

  • U.S. and Canadian Yellow Page directories
  • New business filings
  • Daily utility connections
  • Press releases
  • Corporate websites
  • Annual reports
  • User-generated feedback
  • And more

The Difference is Salesgenie

Info certified
Fresh Data Daily

We do data right, right from the start. Gathering both consumer and business information from public sources, other data providers, user submitted data, and our own powerful research, the information you receive is kept up-to-date and accurate.

Customer service
Support is Always Included

Buy your ucc leads list from us and trust that your account manager will be available by phone, chat, and email every step of the way. Because your success is our most important metric, we want to ensure you never feel like a number.

Strengthen Your Customer Base

Use your ucc leads list to make initial contact with new potential consumers in need of your alternative finance solutions. Reach out by telephone or with a direct mail campaign, online advertising campaign, or an email campaign.

Improve Your ROI

From weekly targets to long-term profit goals, it’s important that you’re able to hit financial objectives set by your business. A ucc leads list removes the difficulty of finding new customers on your own so you can set your sights on making the sale.


Questions & Answers

In addition to ucc leads lists, we offer a variety of turnkey marketing solutions including direct mail campaigns, email marketing campaigns, search engine marketing, pay per click advertising, online display ads, and telemarketing campaigns.

Our Customer Data capability allows you to maximize your use of Salesgenie to find new ucc leads customers and reach existing customers while managing current customers, and future customers in one easy-to-use online tool. There are several reasons why you should upload your data to Salesgenie including the following services: data append, data management, customer suppression, mapping, acquisition marketing, and retention marketing.

Our email hygiene service automatically identifies invalid email addresses, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time and money with bad email addresses for ucc leads.

Yes, in fact we encourage you to do so. With your Salesgenie subscription, you may download a follow-up list that contains contact information for each individual who opened and clicked through your email. Since these individuals have shown some interest by opening or clicking your message, we’ve found that sending an additional marketing message via email or direct mail, can lead to a much higher conversion rate.

First, from the Home Dashboard screen, find the record or list of records you want to export or download.

Next, from the List view page, choose to export the entire list, or select individual records to download by clicking on the checkbox on the left side next to each record.

You may also choose to export a random sample from the “Export” menu. Select “Export” in the header to download those records.

Lead Credits allow you to download, print, or export (to your CRM) data records from any of our databases. A single lead credit is required for each record downloaded, printed, or exported. Unused lead credits carry over from month-to-month and do not expire.

Create Your UCC Leads List Today

It’s fast and easy to create a ucc leads list with help from the experts at Salesgenie. Get started today.

Success is Within Reach

When you want to hit specific sales and marketing goals, but you need a ucc leads list to do it, speak with a trusted partner at Salesgenie.

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“Awesome Lead Generator…Only have had this service for a few days, but I can already tell how much this will help us in getting new leads and prospects! Dallas was my trainer, and she was a great help!”

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“Success for a tech impaired person…Had heard years ago about Sales Genie (now Data Axel) Called in, asked questions, did my due diligence Settled on a package Was user friendly to figure out how to search for what I wanted and easy to download If you are doing mailers, I recommend using them!”

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“Best Data and Service anywhere! I have been using Sales Genie for a decade and liked it – now that it is Data Axel Genie and my account rep is Ann McKenna – I LOVE IT! Ann has a completely revamped arsenal of weapons to help me reach who I want, where I want, when I want.”

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“Finding Leads Made Easy! In my Industry, leads are essential and are the lifeblood to what we do. The access we have to these leads, via Data Axle/Sales Genie, is like a window of opportunity opening up. A breath of fresh air! From start to finish, I’ve been supported.”

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