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What Are Customers Saying?

At Data Axle Genie, we value our customers as well as their honest feedback about our services. We believe it’s incredibly important to make our customer reviews available for those considering our services to see as well.

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Just a Few of Our Reviews

Awesome Lead Source

“Data Axle Genie has become an integral part of my business, I feel like I don’t know how I survived in the past without it. The data is of good quality making it possible for me to target the exact type of businesses I want. Their service is second to none. I have an account manager who has been fabulous, she has promptly answered all my questions, the service she has given me since I started using Data Axle Genie has been over and above what I expected.”


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Best UI in the business

“There are many list providers and the data is all about the same from what I can tell, the difference here is the user interface. It is top notch. Easy to use. The options are insane. It’s much easier to build these list myself instead of ordering them…give it a try you won’t go anywhere else.”


The Data Axle “genie” always grants my wishes

“Data Axle Genie is a DIY marketers dream! I am a one-man marketing department and I need as many tools at my disposal to help me be the most efficient with my time and Data Axle Genie does exactly that for me. I can slice, dice, and filter the records a 100 different ways and get the perfect list for my direct mail and prospecting campaigns. I enjoy having a user friendly online platform at my finger tips so I can mess with the data myself versus trying to go back and forth with a data provide trying to explain what I’m looking for as sometimes I don’t know what I looking for.”