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4 Benefits of Google Ads™ and Bing™ Search Advertising

Each paid search advertising platform is distinct from competitors. While Google remains a giant in this industry, Bing™ also offers some compelling benefits relative to other options.

The following is a look at some of the best Bing search benefits!

More Efficient Ad Spots

In large part because of its inferior position in the marketplace to Google Ads, Bing offers more affordable placements. You don’t compete against as many other players for prominent paid search positions. Thus, the cost-per-click to attain a first-page position isn’t nearly as much under normal circumstances.

Because of this affordability, you typically generate more clicks on your ads for the same price than what you’d get on Ads.

More Affluent Marketplace

The Bing search advertising marketplace is more affluent and slightly older than the user base of Google. A recent study found that around one-third of Bing users earn $100,000 or more. Forty-five percent are married and 52 percent are 45 or older.

This affluent, older marketplace is prime for companies that target this type of audience. Even beyond the relatively high return on investment across paid search, the ability to target such an affluent audience enhances Bing search benefits for some providers.

Increased Device Targeting

The ability to target users on particular devices has become significant in 2017, as smartphones and tablets have taken over the majority of search traffic. Google Ads only recently enabled companies to conduct cross-device retargeting campaigns, which was well behind peers.

More importantly, Bing search advertising allows your company to separate bids on desktop, smartphone, and tablet. You can easily increase or decrease your bids on each distinct device type. Google combines your bids across all platforms. For a business targeting a younger audience that is pervasive on smartphones, this device targeting flexibility is a major benefit.

Greater Targeting Flexibility and Transparency

Better device targeting capability is just one of the ways in which Bing offers greater targeting and transparency for advertisers. Bing generally allows you to target just users of the Yahoo!® and Bing communities or traffic on publishing partners. However, you have a lot greater flexibility in between relative to Google.

For example, with Bing, you can eliminate particular publishing partners from your campaign as you evaluate data and determine which sites deliver and convert users the best. Compare CPC rates across partner referrals, for instance, and remove publishers that don’t deliver traffic as efficiently as others in the Bing search advertising network.

Targeted paid search ads allow you to specifically reach certain audiences on the web.


Despite taking a backseat to Google in total search traffic, Bing search advertising offers major advantages to particular companies. If you simply want the most financially efficient option or prefer to target markets and devices that Bing users prefer, Bing search advertising is your best option.

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