4 Customer-Driven Sales Prospecting Tips You Need to Know

The latest research shows customer-driven strategies are becoming the main force behind sales prospecting efforts implemented by companies today.

The following is an overview of several of the most effective strategies and tips to help your business better adapt sales prospecting strategies to generate leads in the customer-driven era.

Develop Targeted Personas

You need to begin with a deep understanding of the precise prospects your company attracts to each key solution. Get familiar with the demographic, geographic, firmographic, and behavioral traits that separate your prospects from the total audience. Rich personas give you a better sense of your customer and help you align your marketing and content strategies with the right messages and placement.

Create a Trail

Consumers and business buyers are now used to finding ample information and resources online to help during their initial investigation of a problem. Thus, your business needs to get into the mix early by offering helpful information and resources at the initial awareness stage of the buyer journey.

Optimize your content to directly address key questions your targeted personas ask themselves early in the process. Apply current SEO strategies centered on high-quality, useful, relevant content that speaks to these key prospect questions and concerns. Create a trail toward your website by turning blog readers into subscribers, and by using effective calls to action to guide people closer to your brand during the consideration and purchase stages.

Be a Helper

Customers are turned off when their first interaction with a brand is too sales-pitchy. A primary motive for conducting research online before contacting a provider is to avoid this scenario. Thus, your first goal should be to offer help and to function as a resource provider.

Offer content that helps consumers or business buyers better understand their problem and options for remedy. Give them tips and information, along with tangible resources. By doing these things, you build trust and rapport to help influence the ultimate purchase decision.

Offer Facts, Stats and Proof

As a buyer moves further along in the journey and contemplates engaging providers, offer facts, stats and proof that support the merits of your solutions. When people do land on your website, you have an opportunity to present data that reinforces the merits of your solution and the competitive advantages of your brand.

Video demonstrations enable you to illustrate how your solutions work and prove benefits. Customer testimonials, case studies and reviews are all great content elements to assist a prospect in seeing your value. The right case study can resonate with a prospect facing a similar situation as someone you have successfully served in the past.


These strategies will help you get your content and brand in front of sales leads before they ever connect with you in person or on the phone. Don’t fight the natural path of the digital prospect; embrace it!

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