These janitorial business tips will help you succeed.

4 Janitorial Business Tips for Finding Commercial Clients

Commercial clients are typically much more lucrative for a janitorial business. If you operate independently, investing time in growing your commercial business can pay significant dividends down the road.

The following is an overview of some of the most effective strategies and tips to help janitorial providers reach this important business market.

1. Identify a Business Specialty

It is difficult to attract attention from a target market if you attempt the do-all or be-all approach. Demonstrate that you specialize in meeting the needs of a particular type of business client to establish credibility and trust.

You might, for instance, specialize in office settings. In this case, corporate parks, office suites and similar entities are your ideal market. You could similarly cater to the janitorial needs of retailers, warehouses, or other distinct operators.

After you identify a specialty business type, build out your persona to include the title or position of your ideal contact, benefits sought (such as time savings for the small-business owner), and key considerations.

2. Source Targeted Prospects

One of the most efficient ways to identify and target your ideal prospects is to source them from a reputable firm. Salesgenie offers access to highly-targeted contacts with data that identifies companies by industry and type. Get accurate names, job titles, and contact information for people that match the ideal customer profile for your janitorial business.

Business owners are often too busy to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance requirements of their operation. Thus, they have a keen interest in an affordable, reputable service provider. Use Salesgenie’s targeted marketing services and rich database to appeal to business operators in your geographic market.

3. Create Professional Campaigns

Decide which channels to use to communicate with your targeted list. Direct mail and email are both common options for marketing to a commercial market. A strong social media presence also is important in local business-to-business sectors.

Using the personas you develop, create attractive designs and benefits-oriented messages. Prepare a series of mailers, emails, and other channel messages that reinforce these benefits over time. In some cases, it takes multiple communications with a prospect to garner attention and serious interest.

4. Ask for Referrals

As you grow your customer base, you can leverage satisfied clients to grow through referrals. Ask business contacts for referrals to other contacts. Obtain reference letters or statements that you can include in future promotional campaigns. Seek endorsements on your LinkedIn profile as well.

It also is important to solicit reviews on Google™, Yelp, and other top review sites that commercial reps use to research potential janitorial service providers. These reviews also contribute to local search engine optimization, which enhances your presence when local businesses search for providers on their own.


These are a thorough list of strategies and tips to develop an effective marketing strategy that promotes your janitorial business to the commercial marketplace.

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