5 Easy Ways to Find New Financial Clients

Planners are always looking for new financial clients. You have to constantly source new business leads to replace lost customers and to grow your revenue from one year to the next.

The following is an overview of some of the most effective strategies, insights, and tips to help you find new financial clients.

1. Hold a Free Seminar or Event

People that would invest in financial planning solutions are likely savvy about money and would take advantage of something free and valuable. Host a free seminar or event in your area that offers strategies, tips and, insights on such topics as growth investing, retirement planning, and wealth-building. These types of events allow you to establish credibility with those in attendance and promote your services directly.

You can also hold free client appreciation events for established customers as a way to not only reinforce those relationships but also to generate referrals.

2. Build Collaborative Partnerships

Your counterparts in insurance, accounting, and other personal service sectors have similar needs for new clients. Build relationships with professionals in these roles to establish mutually-beneficial referral gateways.

Show that you place value on the relationship by referring your prospects and clients to your partners when the services are relevant to them. Over time, these collaborations can provide a solid base of quality referrals.

3. Source and Target Qualified Leads

One of the easiest and most effective strategies is to identify qualified leads and target them through email and direct mail. Salesgenie, for instance, has targeted models that enable financial planners to source leads with specific criteria that match typical clients.

As an example, you can filter leads to target people in a particular geographic that make more than $100,000. People with high, disposable income are most likely to have interest in proper financial planning and management.

4. Be Active in Your Community

Local service organizations, chambers of commerce, and other community groups are usually populated by local professionals and small business owners. Participating in these organizations and generally having a presence in the community puts you at the top of mind for those interested in your services.

Share your expertise at club meetings and other local events where you can engage an audience of people that have interest in financial planning and tips.

5. Engage on LinkedIn

Social selling is powerful in various sales industries, including finding new financial clients. On LinkedIn, create an effective profile page that highlights your expertise and background. Then, search for people with job titles and roles that match your best clients. Share content, participate in discussion groups and attract users to your profile where they can learn about you.


These are some compelling strategies and tips to help you identify and target key prospects for your financial planning services.

Salesgenie is a tremendous resource that helps you pinpoint and source qualified prospects that you can target with professional email and direct mail campaigns; start your free trial today!