Finding new insurance clients can be this easy.

The Top 5 Tips to Generate New Insurance Leads

Regardless of your best efforts, every year companies are looking for new insurance clients because they lose a percentage of their clients to attrition. In many cases, you lose customers for reasons outside of your control. Due to this attrition, it is necessary to attract quality sales leads to maintain your customer base and to grow your income.

The following is a look at some of the most useful strategies, tips, and insights to help you find new insurance clients for your business.

1. Build Local Partnerships

Partnering with local real estate agents and providers of other complementary services creates many open doors for insurance agents. Reciprocal relationships with a real estate agent, for instance, allow you and your partner to drive more business while enhancing value for clients. In some cases, you may have to take the first step by demonstrating a commitment to referring your insurance customers to your real estate partner when they are in the market for a property.

2. Provide Local Resource Materials

Most people need insurance at some point; the trick is to be top-of-mind when that point arrives. One trick to achieve this success is to provide your customers with wallet-sized referral cards that they can carry with them. Include contact information for local emergency providers and other key resources, along with the phone number for your office. Then, when your customers converse with people expressing a need for insurance, your information is easily accessible.

3. Source Targeted Prospects

The best sales leads are people with traits that match your most profitable existing customers. The challenge is finding these people. Salesgenie’s database is loaded with millions of thorough, validated and verified contacts to enable precise targeting. Filter your search by demographics, firmographics, geography, and behavioral traits to build your contact list with high-quality prospects.

4. Have a Strong Web Presence

The majority of people looking for insurance solutions begin their investigation on the internet. Therefore, your business needs a strong web presence to compete. Prioritize a greater user experience in your site’s layout and design. Build out a blog that offers valuable resources to answer the questions people ponder as they submit Google search queries. Prepare rich product landing pages that clearly explain the value of each solution you offer.

5. Publish Video Content

Video marketing has become vital to digital success as video consumption has risen every year for several years. Videos allow you to present information and resources in a more engaging way. Offer tips, insights, and answers to common marketplace questions, and embed calls-to-action that drive viewers to your website for more information on your insurance products.

Video content can help you find more insurance clients.


These are some of the most effective strategies and tips to help you find new insurance clients! Proactive sales prospecting is critical to prevent erosion of your client base and to grow your business year after year.

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