5 Reasons to Use UCC Data to Find Business Prospects

If you offer alternative finance solutions to entrepreneurs and business operators, it is important to know that Uniform Commercial Code, or UCC data, makes a lot of business data available to assist your prospecting. Merchant cash advance providers, business cash advance providers, and financial services or lending agencies are among the providers that can benefit the most from UCC data.

The following is a look at some of the key benefits you achieve by utilizing UCC data source for your targeted campaigns!

Acquire Accurate Data

Data sourced from government-related filings is as accurate as you could hope to find as a sales organization. You get a host of data, including contact details, location, and industry. Use this data to build your contact lists and to prepare optimized communication programs.

Narrow Your Leads

Because of the thorough and accurate data, you can effectively segment narrow markets with your alternative financing solutions. Go beyond traditional demographic, firmographic, and geographic data that providers use to target prospects. Offer messages that are the most useful and relevant to the companies in your targeted industries.

This data expands on firmographic and geographic information by offering insights on the types of financial circumstances that led to the filing.

Find Out Property and Collateral Details

The amount of data potentially available from a UCC filing on a company’s property and asset dealings is remarkable. With the data available, it is often possible to:

  • Determine whether personal property has been pledged
  • Discover whether assets are available for attachment of seizure
  • Identify claims against personal property or fixtures
  • Reveal the financial relationships with other entities
  • Determine the disposition, location, and ownership of collateral

Complement Other Business Prospecting Resources

Data sourced from UCC filings works in great synergy with data found in other business prospecting resources, including bankruptcy lists, business credit reports, and the U.S. Business Database. When you add the critical property and finance information gleaned from UCC to these other resources, you get a complete view of a prospect’s viability as a client for your services.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

If you integrate UCC filings into your alternative financing marketing strategies, you will outpace the majority of your competitors who overlook this opportunity. With regular updates to source data, you will know when a business is in need of capital that you can provide before most other providers.

Getting in at the right time is often the best way to gain new business in this marketplace.


UCC filings allow you to greatly expand what you know about alternative finance prospects so you can target them with the best possible products at the right time. Salesgenie realizes the value of this data and offers accurate UCC lists and leads that you can use for your targeted marketing campaigns.

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