5 Strategies for Driving Click-throughs from Email Campaigns

Getting people to open and read your emails is just one stage in the process of building successful campaigns. The real objective is to optimize email click-through rates by compelling your readers to respond to content hooks.

The following is a look at several top strategies and tips for driving higher email click-through rates!

Target the Right People

The first important point to understand is that people more often respond to messages when the content is relevant. Create segmented lists from your email database and tailor content to suit persona interests.

Organize Content Effectively

A clean, organized email layout simplifies the reader’s ability to scan content and read through excerpts or snippets of information. Then, you can drive click-throughs by converting attention to interest.

Put content types together so your readers don’t have to work to find something of value.

Utilize Lists

Build lists as part of a well-organized and concise email campaign. You might highlight top five or 10 items on a topic and then invite the reader to go to your site or blog for more in-depth information.

Include a Call-to-Action

Don’t leave an interested reader hanging. Get them the information they need to make a decision. That’s where your call-to-action comes into play. The CTA, or the recommended response to content, is the final step that increases email click-through rates.

Use attractive and attention-getting buttons that a reader doesn’t have to look for to take action. For example, after reading an excerpt, offer a “Read More” button that takes the person to a blog post. If the goal is to make a reader curious about the benefits of a solution, try a “Learn More” button that goes to a landing page.

Following your social media accounts or sharing your content with others are also possible calls-to-action.

Track What Works

Think beyond your current messages. Improving results from email campaigns is a continual process. Fortunately, in the data-driven era of marketing, there are plenty of data to capture and evaluate with your email campaigns. Use analytics to figure which readers respond to which types of messages. Figure out which design schemes, layouts, content types, and calls-to-action achieve the desired results. Pay attention to performance variance based on delivery timing as well. Ramp up utilization of high-performing elements.

You can conduct some testing before sending out messages as well. Subject line testing and pre-flight reports are a couple methods to get confirmation about key email elements that are likely to drive your desired results.


Early on, as you attempt to target the right buyer personas with the right email content, you may not experience optimum efficiency. However, as you more precisely define your right audiences and the content that matters to them by evaluating results, you can then adjust your layout and content to boost success.

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