Here's how Data Axle Genie mobile will make you a pro.

8 Reasons Salesgenie Mobile Will Make You a Pro

The Salesgenie mobile app is designed for the hundreds of sales reps who find themselves on the road and in need of a high-quality prospecting tool at their fingertips. Here’s a quick overview of what Salesgenie mobile has to offer:

1. Source Leads Near Your Location

It is not efficient for a rep to have to return to their office when leads dry up. With Salesgenie mobile, source fresh leads near your current location. Your search reveals all leads and established customers near you so that you can schedule appointments and visits efficiently.

2. Manage Existing Leads

The app also has a lot of powerful lead management tools. You can update the current status of leads as you make calls from the road. This functionality helps you ensure your lead data is accurate and up-to-date. Send follow-up emails and other messages as well.

3. Research from the Road

In addition to sourcing leads, use the app to research prospects from the road before you see them. Identify the decision-maker at an organization, gather key data and facilitate some online research. In-depth insights ahead of a sales call help you make a strong first impression when you speak with a prospect.

4. Save Searches for Later

You don’t have to take immediate action after your lead searches either. Sometimes, you want to make use of time between appointments to identify prospects, but you don’t have time to make the calls. Save your mobile searches for later when you have time blocked for prospecting calls.

5. Map Leads

It takes time to gather location data on prospects and put it into a mapping app on your phone. With Salesgenie mobile, you don’t have to worry about this extra step. With the click of a button, you can quickly map your route to a lead or customer discovered near your location.

6. Get to the Decision-maker

It is frustrating to navigate through gatekeepers in an effort to connect with a decision-maker in a company. Salesgenie mobile provides you direct contact information with the decision-maker so you don’t have to worry about the time and effort of jumping through gatekeeper hoops.

7. Add Custom Contacts

In addition to sourcing leads through the app, you can add custom contacts to your account through the lead manager. Organize contacts to make it easier to communicate efficiently with your highest-priority targets.

8. Increase Conversions

Based on all of the other benefits identified, expect to increase your conversion rates by getting in front of more high-priority contacts while on the road. Avoid gatekeepers and get your best message ready with detailed data on decision-makers.


These are some of the most powerful advantages available to Salesgenie clients who access our tools through the mobile app. To use these benefits, start your free trial today!