Cross-Selling Strategies That Will Make You an Industry Leader

For some companies, it is too limiting to target a market of just consumers or business buyers. If your products or services appeal to a consumer marketplace as well as small-business operators, effective cross-selling strategies can help you optimize revenue.

The following is a look at cross-selling strategies to help you achieve success with consumers who double as business owners!

Leverage the Consumer Relationship

If you target consumers and small companies, it often makes the most sense to build a connection on the consumer side first. Individuals normally have the greatest emotional investment when buying solutions for the home or family. If you prove that your company and solutions satisfy needs and address problems, the satisfied consumer is likely to trust you when you make a recommendation for a similar type of solution for his business.

Avoid Gatekeepers with Home-Based Targeting

When possible, deliver your small-business messages to the consumer’s home. At a company, assistants and other gatekeepers are tasked with filtering out unnecessary mail to reduce the time burden on decision makers. By delivering your messages to the home of a consumer who already knows you, it is more likely that your mailer gets attention and interest.

Deliver Messages at Home and Office

Another option is to deliver messages to both home and office, but tailor them to the specific needs of the consumer and business operator. This two-pronged approach gets you increased reinforcement of your brand and solution.

Consider a consumer who purchases home cleaning services from your company. When you send a mailer or email campaign to the person at his company, it is more likely that he will recognize you and pay attention. You could also offer a discount for a consumer who makes an initial purchase for his business to induce the first sale.

Focus on Company Size and Activities

Show that you pay attention to the details when targeting a consumer and business operator. In your company-targeted messages, segment by factors such as company size, business type, location, and time in business. Your messages achieve much greater impact, for instance, if you convey why your services make sense for someone just launching a new company.

Bundle Solutions Per Buyer

Your cost of acquisition is much lower when targeting the same prospect in a different setting. It doesn’t take as much effort and communication to convince an existing consumer client to take action as a business operator. Thus, you can leverage this advantage by offering bundled home and business solutions that give the buyer economic efficiencies.


You have a lot of opportunity and advantages when cross-selling solutions to consumers who also operate businesses. Leveraging the right messages strategies enables you to generate greater revenue while mitigating costs.

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