How to Make Money as a Car Dealer Using Email Marketing

Whether your car dealership business is stale, or you simply want an ideal route to increased revenue and profits, targeting business buyers is a viable growth option. The trick is to figure out the best channels to communicate directly to the right company representative. Email marketing is a great platform in the B2B sector.

The following is a look at key strategies and tips for targeting car buyers in the business sector through email marketing!

Build Your Buyer Persona

Companies that purchase vehicles come in all different shapes and sizes and utilize the cars for various reasons. Build clear profiles of the prospects you want to reach in each target market.

Common reasons businesses acquire vehicles include:

  • Executive and professional usage
  • Feet coverage
  • Service fulfillment

For each industry and prospect, create an ideal customer profile. For instance, a rep who purchases a corporate vehicle for executive or professional usage has different needs than businesses that acquire multiple cars to build a fleet.

Include as much demographic, geographic, and firmographic data as possible into your profile. Consider the industry type, size, and potential usage of the vehicle as well. These factors impact how many cars the business needs and the benefits sought.

how to make money as a car dealer

Source a Contact List

It is difficult and time-consuming to manually generate a list of business prospects to contact as a car dealership. Therefore, it is better if you can find an expert partner that offers a database for you to utilize. Salesgenie, for example, has a dedicated database of car dealership leads that you can filter. You create the list with prospect types that match your targeted profiles.

Create Custom Designs or Choose Appropriate Templates

To optimize results, create, or select email designs that appeal to the interests of each target market. Don’t skimp on quality design and formatting. You need a layout that is relevant to the interests of the targeted buyer and easy to navigate.

After you craft a customized design or select professional templates, it gets simpler to efficiently deliver your targeted messages through automation.

Include Retargeting Campaigns

The majority of shoppers don’t purchase at the first site they visit, or upon the first visit to a site. Thus, you can expect that a business buyer visiting your website may be intrigued, yet continue to investigate other solutions. This realization signals the importance of retargeting campaigns.

With a name and email address, you can send a relevant and personalized email message to someone based on the types of vehicles they looked at while on your site. This campaign serves as a reminder and could trigger a return visit or purchase.


Targeting car buyers in business sectors is an excellent opportunity for a car dealership to increase its customer base, revenue, and profits. To succeed, build thorough prospect profiles, source a targeted contact list, and deliver professional emails that attract interest and drive a high return on investment.

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