I Dropped the Ball on My Sales Goals This Year

Chances are that with the New Year, you rang in some fitness-related resolutions. Now that we’re six months into 2016, you may have let your fitness goals fall to the wayside. Don’t let your business sales suffer the same fate as you enter the second half of the year!

Being successful in sales (and actually seeing results) is incredibly similar to fitness training or working out. But whether you’re bikini ready or you’re feeling like more of a beach bum, there’s plenty of time to meet sales goals for your business before the end of the year. In fact, if you’re willing to put in the effort, the experts at Salesgenie (think of us as your personal trainers!) can help you set and meet those goals, one step at a time. You may even start to see improvements in your sales by Labor Day!

Here’s how it works: to be successful at the gym, you probably first start with a goal. Either you want to tone up, slim down, or something in between. Once the goal is set you (with a little help from a personal trainer) design a workout plan specific to your body. Then, with consistent exercise you track your results until your goals are met.

It turns out that a successful sales person does exactly the same thing. They:

  • Set a goal: Be it a number of new customers or a dollar amount in sales, they have their eye on the prize.
  • Design a plan: Successful sales people map out their conversation with a potential customer prior to reaching out. They know what they want to learn from that specific customer.
  • Work consistently: With every “no” a great sales person knows they’re that much closer to getting a “yes.”
  • Track results: What tactics did they use that worked? What tactics didn’t work? What can they do differently next time to ensure better results?

Make no mistake–successful sales will take hard work and major commitment. You have to keep at it, no matter how much you feel your sales have plateaued. Set your goals, be persistent, and be open to making adjustments based on what you learn from sales that didn’t work out. If you believe in your end goals, in fitness or in sales, you can make them happen.

Don’t forget that the experts at Salesgenie are happy to help you set (and meet) your sales goals.