300% More Women Have Leadership Jobs Than 10 Years Ago

Women hold 300% more leadership jobs than they did 10 years ago, according to a recent Data Axle database research team analysis.

In 2010, Data Axle had 724,296 records of women with job titles including CEO, president, director, manager, and dozens of others. That climbed to an all-time-high of 2,907,708 in 2020.

Data Axle’s industry-leading business and consumer data includes millions of records, which can be segmented by job title, gender, and more. Here’s how many records Infogroup had from 2010 to 2020 of women with leadership job titles:

Data Axle Data on U.S. Women Leadership Jobs

Year # of Records
2020 2,907,708
2019 2,740,963
2018 2,510,590
2017 2,291,924
2016 2,239,251
2015 1,829,669
2014 711,078
2013 900,546
2012 864,024
2011 792,043
2010 724,296

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