The Product Game Changers You Need to See

At Salesgenie, we’re constantly looking to improve our products and services. 2015 was filled with quite a few things of note.

  • Auto Data: Released in January, this database add-on has been popular with our insurance clients and some other industries too. Data includes vehicle make and model, year, and even VIN number.
  • Salesgenie Team: This powerful product released in February empowers sales teams like never before. Assign leads, track progress and success, and even record or share notes with your sales team.
  • New Direct Mail Editor and Templates: Easily update the look of your direct mail pieces with help from Salesgenie. Released in March, these changes allow your company more control over the final piece sent to your customer lists.
  • Salesgenie Custom Contacts: In November we introduced a feature our customers were requesting. With Custom Contacts, you have much more than just a generic notes field. Users have the ability to add specific decision-maker information and organize in a way that works for them.
  • Downloadable Business Emails: In July of 2015, Salesgenie made an exciting announcement. Customers can now download multiple business emails rather than in the past when customers had the ability to download just one email at a time.

We have quite a few noteworthy improvements that we’re looking forward to launching in 2016. To learn more about these products, be sure to stay tuned throughout the New Year!