This is What You Need to Do to Exceed Your Sales Goals Every Time

If you’re finding it difficult to motivate your sales team, we have just the thing. Empower your sales team with Performance Tracking by Salesgenie Team. Salesgenie Team is the first application designed with sales teams in mind. Not only does Salesgenie Team help you target your audience, you’ll also have the power to assign leads, distribute them to your team, and track sales performance with just a few clicks! With Salesgenie Team Performance Tracking you can:

  • See how many customers you’re acquiring through leads from Salesgenie.
  • Set goals for your team and view the overall progress of your sales team or an individual.
  • Invite team members to track their own progress in real-time.
  • Explore data insights, which will help you profile your customers and understand their common characteristics.
  • Easily determine the number of sales you’ll need to achieve your set goals.

We’re looking forward to helping you meet and exceed your sales goals.