Use Salesgenie Dialer to Streamline Your Telesales

As a Salesgenie user, you know just how easy it is to find and manage your sales leads. But did you realize you can also use Salesgenie to call your leads? The new Salesgenie Dialer makes it all possible.

An All-in-One Prospecting and Telemarketing Tool

If you conduct sales via phone, you need Salesgenie Dialer. It seamlessly ties the prospecting power of Salesgenie with cutting-edge campaign dialing technology, giving you the power to find, research, and contact the perfect sales leads—all in one place.

Innovative features include:

  • Campaign dialing, which allows you to call, research, and manage an entire list of leads from one convenient application.
  • One-click dialing so you can avoid misdials by dialing directly from Salesgenie.
  • Notes and tasks for scheduling follow-up calls and saving notes about your conversations.
  • Call result tags, giving you the ability to flag leads you’ve already called so they won’t show up in future searches.
  • Tracking reports that help you keep track of calls made and more.

Plus there’s no extra equipment, software, or IT support required. All you need is a land or mobile phone number to get set up.

Call More Prospects in Less Time

By combining prospecting and telesales activities into one easy-to-use application, Salesgenie Dialer can help you and your sales team save valuable time and effort. In fact, users have reported that Salesgenie Dialer has increased their productivity by up to 15 percent. Just think about what that could do for your bottom line!

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