You Never Knew This About Multi-Channel Marketing

Brands use multi-channel marketing to engage their audience through a combination of marketing channels. Sometimes called integrating marketing, the popular strategy helps marketers identify the right channels to deliver their message. Selecting two to three channels—such as email, direct mail, or online display advertising—will help you find the best path to success.

But what’s the trick for getting multi-channel marketing to work for you?

Find the right combination of channels, and you’ll produce greater reach for your message. When you execute multiple strategies, interacting with your audience really becomes easy—it really does. Why? Because now you have a much greater chance of bringing your message to your targeted audience.

Sometimes this happens. You hear: “I don’t read the newspaper. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter.” If that’s the case, then it’s time to explore television, public relations, direct mail, telemarketing, or other marketing channels. Just remember, once you get this, the rest is a piece of cake.

Be sure to test different media channels to find the right media mix that fits your customer base. Then measure your multi-channel campaign as a whole as each media vehicle often plays a part in the final conversion.

When your campaigns are up and running, try testing it against a single-channel approach to measure overall results. Next, reassess and revise your campaigns to improve overall quality.

Be persistent with multi-channel marketing, and you’ll see it pay off in your sales numbers.