3 Easy Ways Target Marketing Saves You Money

By improving target marketing efficiency, not only do you increase your lead generation and conversion rates, but you also save money in several ways. You might find with this combination that it is easier for company leaders to recognize the return on investment possible through great marketing.

The following is a look at several ways in which successful target market efficiency improves efficiency and saves you money!

Invest Less to Attract the Right Crowd

On the positive side, when you target the right people with the right promotional strategies, you invest less to attract the most qualified leads. Since these prospects have more natural inclination toward your solutions, it often takes fewer message impressions and contacts to generate interest.

Additionally, by generating the right leads for your pipeline, your reps spend less time in the sales process trying to get appointments, discover needs, present solutions and close deals. They avoid much of the frustration in the prospecting process that comes with low-quality opportunities as well.

Avoid Waste on Bad Leads and Marketing Tactics

Time and money spent on unqualified leads and ineffective marketing tactics are among the worst uses of resources in many organizations. When you don’t target precisely, you create and disseminate messages that have a very low likelihood of achieving desired results with unqualified prospects.

Whereas efficiency continues through the sales process with a qualified pool, efficiency remains a problem when you pull unqualified people into your pipeline. Your reps engage in fruitless efforts and conversations with people that have little to no interest.

Identify the Most Efficient Target Market Strategies

Another reason you can often save money with a goal of precise target marketing is that your organization is more likely to put systems into place that optimize results. For instance, many companies lack the infrastructure, people, and resources to develop and implement the ideal target marketing strategy internally. Thus, turning to external providers that have expertise in helping partners achieve success is a great way to manage or supplement targeting.

With Salesgenie, for instance, we invest more than $20 million per year and employ 300 full-time researchers to ensure clients have access to accurate and thorough data to target efficient prospects. Imagine trying to facilitate something even on a much smaller scale in an organization without that type of budget for constant validation and verification of data. By outsourcing, you don’t need to make this type of infrastructure and resource investment, and your team focuses on closing deals.


Target marketing efficiency is vital to success in a contemporary, competitive industry. You gain access to revenue-generating opportunities, but you also have the potential to achieve lower costs by investing less to attract qualified prospects, avoiding waste on unqualified prospects and poor strategies, and optimizing targeting strategies.

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