Worst prospecting methods

5 Lead Generation Mistakes That Produce Bad Leads

Sometimes, the best way to learn the right methods for taking action is to evaluate approaches that lead to failure. In prospecting, there are plenty of examples of mistakes that produce poor quality leads for companies.

The following is a look at common prospecting strategies that may generate a significant quantity of leads, but the quality is very low, resulting in wasted time and resources. Insights and more effective strategies and tips are provided as well!

Buying Random Mailing Lists

Companies anxious to build a prospect database often purchase mailing lists. However, data typically shows that acquiring a complete list of contacts doesn’t pay off. Low open rates, low response rates, and high complaint rates are among the common problems with this approach.

Salesgenie recognizes the flaws of trying to provide a general list of contacts. Our solution is set up to allow clients to target ideal prospects by filtering a massive database on demographic, geographic, behavioral, or firmographic traits.

Getting Too Wordy

Prospects won’t give you the time of day if you overwhelm them with a lengthy message in a first contact. Instead, focus on presenting the most impactful, concise message possible to each targeted prospect. The more personalized and relevant the message, the better.

A quality customer relationship management (CRM) database allows you to collect data on prospects and behaviors and improve personalized content.

Stopping at One Attempt

Just as salespeople often have to work through multiple “no” responses to get to a “yes,” your team must send multiple messages to achieve efficiency with prospecting. It can take five to 10 attempts before a prospect finally pays attention to an email, for instance.

Using just one method of communication, such as email, is another common prospecting mistake. Message reinforcement across channels creates synergy. A combined email and direct mail campaign, when well outlined, can be very effective.

Forgetting to Drive a Response

People respond to prospecting methods when they feel compelled. They normally don’t feel compelled simply by reading through your information. You have to integrate a hook or call-to-action that directs the desired response. Invite prospects to “reply” or “click here” to share pieces of contact information, to access a more in-depth contact piece, or to get in direct contact with your team.

Prioritizing Quantity Over Quality

One of the most common prospecting mistakes takes place before communication strategies are ever implemented. Prioritizing quantity over quality in your prospecting approach has detrimental consequences.

While a significant quantity of leads is important in selling, prioritize quality to reduce wasted time and effort. When you target the right types of prospects with relevant messages, your reps invest their time communicating with people that have a more genuine interest in your solutions.


These are some of the most impactful and common prospecting mistakes. Your ability to avoid these through effective planning and execution will have a strong influence on your lead generation and conversion success!

Salesgenie’s solutions are designed to help you avoid these missteps. Start your free trial to see for yourself!