The Key to Successfully Using Your CRM the Right Way

Productivity is what fuels an efficient company that optimizes its revenue and profits. However, a lot of factors hamper productivity among businesses. Fortunately, customer relationship management, lead generation tools, and email marketing campaigns are often the keys to avoiding these issues.

The following is a look at how critical CRM features save time and help revolutionize how a modern company does business!

Scheduled and Automated Activities

Many organizations prioritize manual activities over CRM-fueled automation. However, manual thinking and actions take much longer than automated processes, and people are more prone to forgetfulness.

Use your CRM lead generation tools to schedule and execute marketing tactics. Use automated communications to interact with prospects throughout the selling cycle, and with customers once converted. Include programmed email marketing campaigns that allow you to pre-plan the message and timing of delivery.

Freeing Your People Up to Sell

Salespeople spend a lot of time, about 66 percent in fact, in non-selling activities. Much of this time is wasted or spent on actions that could be executed much more efficiently through automated CRM processes.

Using CRM to manage your defined selling process and to automate communication steps frees up the time and mental energy your reps need to optimize sales productivity.

Staying Mobile-Efficient

Most advanced CRM systems now have tremendous mobile applications and features. These mobile lead generation tools allow your reps to manage their time more efficiently while updating contacts from the road.

The ability to download presentations and documents to a mobile device for use in meetings is one time-saver. Reps can also use training tools and other resources to learn and development while traveling.

Shorten the Sales Cycle

Long, drawn out sales cycles are one of the greatest factors in low productivity. By leveraging lead generation tools through CRM, your reps can better plan their time and activities and minimize wasted steps that cause delays.

Additionally, reps can make use of the key profile data and notes captured on each account. These items allow for stronger interactions throughout the selling process, and a better ability to overcome obstacles and objectives that cause delays.

Better Time Management

Time is the most valuable resource to a salesperson. CRM solutions are equipped with scheduling and tracking tools that allow you to determine how much time is spent on various activities. Compare the time spent to the output or results. Eliminated time spent on unproductive activities and ramp up time allocated to those that drive results. Automate as many small, time-consuming tasks as possible during lead generation and through email marketing campaigns.

When you find the most efficient processes, methods and activities to drive productivity, use CRM to define and automate them.


CRM providers continue to enhance their solutions with lead generation tools and email marketing campaigns that allow you to improve productivity. Get your team using CRM technology to offset common time-wasters and to avoid manual steps that could be more productively completed through CRM automation.

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