4 Genius Ways Google AdWords Boosts Your SEM

Google AdWords is the dominant player in third-party search advertising. And, for good reason. Google consistently innovates its platform to offer advertisers and publishers new opportunities for promotion.

The following is a look at several key AdWords benefits relative to Yahoo! Bing and other search advertising competitors!

Extreme Geo-Targeting

Google leads the way in offering demographic targeting filters as well, but it separates itself from competitors in geo-targeting. Whether you want to reach a broad, international audience, or a niche local market, AdWords offers you the flexibility to do so.

Local geo-targeting is especially cost-effective for a small company, such as a retailer, bank or service provider. You can affordably target your local marketplace with ads that appeal naturally to the interest of that audience online. Precise targeting allows for optimized costs and return on investment.

Detailed Business Listings in Results

In advertising, it is common for a business to tell the audience where to go to make a purchase. Google understands this desire and also lets searchers know exactly where to find your business when they uncover it in a query if you use Google Places.

Ad extensions offer even more contact information to users. Google recently indicated a change to include local phone numbers in searchers, even for regional or national chains. Additionally, your AdWords search advertising listing displays your business address, company reviews and your app download (if applicable).

Measurable Reporting

Even with its quality ad execution, you could argue that the AdWords reporting tools are at least as critical to your AdWords search advertising success. As soon as your ads begin to appear, you have access to reports on the performance of single ads, keywords or an ad. Reports include cost-per-impression and cost-per-click data, which are useful in evaluating the efficiency and ROI of each ad and keyword target.

Track conversion rates from your ads as well. By comparing the ROI performance of one ad to another, you can determine which ones drive the greatest value. Amplify the impressions on those ads or searches and reduce or eliminate underperforming spots. This rapid modification has a significant effect on your overall search ad campaign.

Ad Relevance and Retargeting

Your ads only succeed when the given message is relevant to the targeted user. Google understands this point. In addition to the ability to pinpoint the audience for each advertisement on both search and display network sites, Google offers excellent retargeting options.

Develop retargeting campaigns centered on popularly product categories and identify users to retarget after initial ad exposure. Realizing the importance of follow-up messages with a previously targeted user, Google just recently launched cross-device retargeting. You can now send follow-up ads to the same user across multiple devices.


AdWords search advertising is a massive platform for businesses to use. Even with its large audience, Google offers excellent geo-demographic audience filters that allow you to achieve efficient investment results. When a user does uncover your company in a search, the listing details help hook them for a visit.

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