How to Get the Most Value from Display Advertising

Display advertising has surpassed paid search as the most popular form of digital advertising. Technological enhancements to ad design and delivery, targeting of precise prospects, and retargeting opportunities are just a few of the reasons why.

You need to have a solid plan and implement sound tactics to get the most out of your display advertising budget. The following is an overview of some of the most important strategies and tips to keep in mind as you look to optimize your display ad efficiency!

Combine Digital Campaigns

Synergy from cross-channel marketing communication significantly ratchets up the impact your messages have. Thus, one way to optimize your display ad budget is to combine promotional efforts with email campaigns and even offline messaging.

Use the audience-based data that you have collected from offline strategies along with data held in your online database. Access to deep data on your prospects’ demographics, geography, firmographics, and behaviors helps you prepare and distribute the most effective display ads and reinforcement campaigns.

Create Retargeting Campaigns

Although lead generation campaigns aimed at attracting prospects are valuable, most increased display ad efficiency results from improved retargeting opportunities. Most prominent ad server networks, including Google AdWords™, now offer significant tools for creating and delivering campaigns that retarget visitors to your websites.

A display campaign that features relevant images and products has a powerful influence on a prospect that is in the research phase of the buying journey. At this point, the person has been on your site and is likely weighing provider and brand options. Your message, and perhaps a promotional inducement, could well be the catalyst that not only brings the person back to your site but drives the conversion.

Make Ads Attention-Getting

Several factors contribute to the effectiveness of your display ads at driving traffic. One is the visual quality of the ad design. Colorful or attractive messages stand out. The placement of your banner is important too, as online users engage with web pages in particular ways.

A clear call-to-action is critical to retaining the attention of an online user long enough to generate a clickthrough. Tell the reader exactly what you want them to do, whether that is “Learn More,” “Read More,” “Buy Now,” “Take Advantage of a Promotional Offer,” or “Call Now.”

Optimize Your Landing Page

Your display ad budget is well spent only if you have a strong plan for what you want ad respondents to do next. You want an impactful, relevant landing page with information and resources that match what you promised the reader within the ad. Otherwise, the prospect is turned off by the misalignment and is unlikely to stay on the landing page long enough to get in-depth information about your brand and solutions.


Optimizing your display ad budget is largely based on your ability to create high-quality campaigns that make use of the best platforms and features available. Additionally, it is imperative that you target the right prospects with the right ads to avoid inefficiency and wasted money.

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