This is Why SEM Experts Make a Huge Difference

Companies get excited at the idea of engaging in search engine marketing because of its low cost of entry. However, clicks, costs, and inefficiencies can pile up if you don’t develop a campaign that targets the right users in the right ways.

The follow are primary reasons that expert support from an approved reseller on platforms like Google Ads and Yahoo! Bing is a major advantage to your search campaigns!

Expand Your Reach Efficiently

If your goal is to expand your reach, you could simply throw more money at your search campaigns and leave your targets unfiltered. Better yet, apply more traditional mass media strategies with broad audiences. However, these approaches lead to very inefficient uses of resources.

Instead, collaborate with SEM experts like Salesgenie to build customized campaigns that target the right people. Maximize the power of your investment by attracting targeted buyers to your business or website. In some cases, attracting a lot of non-targeted users impedes your effectiveness at communicating with the right people.

Maximize Your Investment

By emphasizing target accuracy, you naturally experience better budget control. Pay-per-click campaigns can spiral out of control without clear goals, selection of the right advertising packages, and targeting of specific geographies. Experienced search marketers also understand how the bidding system works on major platforms, and they can help you set appropriate per click bids and daily budgets.

Measure and Adapt

A major benefit of search engine marketing and pay-per-click campaigns is real-time measurement. An expert provider is able to help you establish message goals, track and evaluate results as they come in, and make modifications moving forward. These rapid evaluation and modification strategies are a major factor in getting the greatest return on SEM investment.

Integrate SEM with Other Marketing

Any SEM expert understands that paid search doesn’t take place in a vacuum. What you do on Ads and Bing correlates, for better or worse, with advertising messages delivered through other channels.

Salesgenie has a full suite of marketing products that allows you to complement existing direct mail or email campaigns to reinforce your message. Create defined communication flows and content marketing paths to optimize the timing of your messages.

Deliver Accurate Information

Inexperienced SEM developers sometimes allow message content to become out of date. Salesgenie has an ExpressUpdate tool that ensures your company’s online listings are accurate and that your targeted users get current, relevant information. This tool gives your business greater control over listings that appear across major search engines and directories.


The value of SEM experts in developing, executing, and monitoring your search campaigns is clear. The quality of your messages is amplified while the potential for wasted investment is minimized. Even more importantly, a diverse company like Salesgenie helps you optimize synergy across all marketing channels.

Salesgenie is able to customize solutions to match your specific needs. We collaborate with our clients to help you get the most benefit from our marketing and SEM expertise. Contact us now to discuss your SEM goals!