How to Keep the Prospects Coming

Half the battle in prospecting is maintaining a positive attitude and persevering. In B2B, as long as you offer a quality solution that addresses a particular need or problem that won’t go away, buyers are available.

The following are some eye-opening best practices to help lead prospecting endure in your company!

Build It Into Your Schedule

The best prospecting is intentional. You need to plan this activity into your schedule just as you do initial visits, presentations and administrative tasks.

Rarely in competitive B2B industries do buyers call you without a catalyst. If you don’t dedicate time to finding new buyers, and you experience attrition, you lose revenue. Many B2B salespeople dedicate one or two hours per day to lead prospecting.

Research and Target

Consider how you might learn about someone prior to a first date. In the information age, you could Google search for online mentions, dig through Facebook and other social profiles, and even ask mutual acquaintances.

In B2B prospecting, the more you learn about your ideal targets before you make contact, the more equipped you are to execute powerful introductions. The best place to start is top existing customers. Build target market profiles for each solution that fits with the traits and behaviors of top clients. Then, focus communication on your target profiles.

Diversify Your Strategy

With effective customer relationship management programs and data analysis, you can typically identify lead generation methods that are most efficient for your business. However, a diversified approach is often the best way to reach a broad target market or multiple markets.

In addition to traditional media promotion, referrals, networking, social media, content marketing and live events are among lead prospecting tactics that work for many B2B sellers. B2B buyers often seek information online, so presenting your message in many places creates more pathways to your solutions.

Articulate Your Differentiation

Because of the investigative approach of B2B buyers, it is important that you clearly articulate your value. On your website, a buyer should know within a few seconds what your solution addresses and how it is different or better than alternatives. The same point applies in social selling. On LinkedIn, for instance, use the description section of your profile to clarify the compelling value proposition of your company’s solutions.

Identify Automated Lead Prospecting Sources

Another option to keep prospects coming is to get some help. Technological advances have contributed to specialized companies that deliver targeted buyers that fit your business and solutions. Salesgenie, for instance, can consistently and indefinitely deliver targeted prospects to your team through a subscription service.


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