5 Sales Prospecting Tips You Need to See

Strategies and tools that work well in sales prospecting change over time. Therefore, your approach must evolve as well through continual improvement.

The following is an overview of some of the best ways to improve your sales prospecting to attract more of the people that you want to your business!

1. Create a More Precise Buyer Persona

Great prospecting is possible only when you have a clear picture of the most qualified prospects for your business and solution. You wouldn’t fish for trout by using bait intended to catch salmon.

The more depth you include in painting the picture of your prospect, the easier it is to create message strategies that attract buyers. Include as much demographic, geographic, firmographic, and behavioral data as possible in developing personas.

2. Leave Bread Crumbs

You don’t have to land a customer with your first contact. If you try, you may be likely to overwhelm the prospect and turn him or her away. Instead, whether in person, on the phone, via mail or email, use your first communication to drop a breadcrumb or quick messages that create intrigue.

As the buyer journey evolves, you have more opportunity to enhance the value of your messages and to engage the prospect in more interpersonal conversations.

3. Offer Something Free

Often, people are hesitant to fully engage providers during the buyer journey because they fear the upfront costs. This factor is a primary reason that much of the consumer and business buyer journey is normally completed before a company is ever contacted.

Offering free consultation or a risk-free trial of your solution is a common way to attract interest from a reluctant prospect. People are usually more willing to talk to you about their problems and explore potential remedies when you establish a non-aggressive tone and create an inviting option.

4. Be Their Friend

Good friends take a helpful approach when presented with a friend’s problem. By taking on this mentality when prospecting, you can demonstrate through your communication that your first commitment is to act as a resource for the targeted personas.

Based on your tone and the helpful nature of your message content, you begin to build trust and rapport, which are building blocks for lead nurturing and customer relationship management. As you move toward a sale, a prospect is more willing to listen to your salesperson’s recommendations.

5. Track Results

By keeping track of the prospecting methods you use to engage particular buyers, you can see what works and what doesn’t. To adapt your methods, you need to know which offer the best potential return on investment for your business.


These are some of the best current strategies and tips to amplify your sales prospecting success. By taking a genuine interest in helping your targeted buyer personas and optimizing your content to match, you can attract and convert the most qualified people for your business.

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