The Modern Evolution of Direct Mail Marketing

In the era of analytics and digital communication, email marketing has re-emerged as a power tool. When effectively planned and executed, direct mail marketing remains budget-friendly and effective.

Complete with strategies, opportunities, and risks, the following is a practical guide to including direct mail in your small business marketing by presenting relevant and engaging messages.

Numbers Don’t Lie

A number of recent studies show that engagement and response levels from direct mail are higher than those metrics on other popular platforms. For example, the Direct Marketing Association reported that in-house mailing lists lead to a 3.7 percent response in direct mail campaigns. By comparison, the response rate across digital platforms is just 0.62 percent.

Defining the Audience

Many of the same factors driving better results from email marketing for small businesses are the ones contributing to direct mail performance. In particular, the ability to rely on big data and analytics to build precise prospect profiles leads to high return on investment.

Companies can filter through a variety of data points when targeting consumer or business leads. Filtered targeting of people based on personal traits, job functions, or behaviors helps you craft relevant, personalized messages. Salesgenie allows users to filter its database of 25 million business leads and 245 million consumer leads to seek the most qualified buyers.

On-Point Messages

Throw-away rates have diminished greatly on direct mail as companies send out more personalized messages. You can tailor the content of mailers to individual buyers or business targets. In addition to calling out readers by name, the message itself reflects real problems or challenges faced by specific buyers.

Quality Design

It costs more money to send out direct mailers than it does to send email campaigns. However, costs of acquisition are within a few dollars based on the intrigue generated from a powerful direct mail piece.

To succeed and overcome mailer costs, you need quality designs at affordable rates. Salesgenie offers an affordable direct mail solution that includes efficient creation, printing and mailing of quality pieces within days.

Added-Value Technology

The ability to embed video content into your direct mail pieces dramatically adds to their potential impact. NFC technology and augmented reality apps are among the common tools companies now integrate into direct mailers to execute powerful video messages.

Embedded videos allow you to enhance your story with product demonstrations and to deliver powerful testimonials from satisfied customers. Naturally, these elements add to your costs, but the potential return on investment is high.


Direct mail has been revived largely based on the same digital tools that have driven investment into digital communication. You can precisely target your market with relevant messages by leveraging data and analytics. Expand your influence with high-quality designs and added-value content.

The data and marketing solutions offered by Salesgenie are perfectly aligned with these trends pushing direct mail investment. Start your free trial now to test the capabilities of Salesgenie for your company!