How to Power Up Your Business With Direct Mail

In this digital world of ours, it’s easy to assume that direct mail is going by the wayside. But think again. According to recent studies, direct mail marketing leaves a longer-lasting impact than digital methods of delivery, offers one of the highest ROIs, and is preferred by both younger and older demographics.1

Salesgenie can help you can take advantage of this highly effective mode of marketing. With the online Direct Mail Campaign Builder, it’s easy to deliver a postcard to the leads you are accessing through Salesgenie.

And all you need is a list of leads to get started. Here’s how it works:

  1. From your list view, you can enter the Direct Mail Campaign Builder by clicking on the envelope icon located just above your list of leads.
  2. Name your campaign, then choose your mail class and check that your return address is correct.
  3. Pick from three available postcard sizes.
  4. Customize the front and back of your postcard with images, text, and font styles/colors.
  5. Indicate which of the three available card coatings you’d like (your options are gloss laminate, gloss UV, and matte laminate).
  6. Review and make any necessary changes, then approve your proof.
  7. Choose your mail date (in many cases, your postcard can go out in as little as 24 hours).
  8. Follow the checkout procedures and you’re all done! We’ll take care of printing, addressing, and mailing your direct mail pieces for you.

Need help sending a custom brochure, letter, or postcard? Our experienced team of direct mail designers can create one for you.

You’re already aware that Salesgenie has the most up-to-date business and consumer data available, which is integral in keeping your undeliverable rates (and overall costs) to a minimum. With the perfect list of sales leads and a direct mail campaign from Salesgenie, you can reach the right people at the right time—and find more customers for less.

Want to learn more about Salesgenie’s Direct Mail services? Click on the Direct Mail tab in your Salesgenie account, or give one of our marketing experts a call at 866.660.3112.