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3 Important Factors to Know When Targeting Consumer Prospects

One of your most important goals as a consumer-driven sales organization should be to target the ideal customer. An ideal customer is one whose needs and interests align as perfectly as possible with a solution your business offers. The goal is to identify the collection of characteristics shared by the people that match.

Though other factors sometimes come into play, the following is a look at some of the most important profile factors to incorporate as you paint a picture of an ideal consumer prospect.

Basic Demographics

In contemporary marketing, demographics are sometimes viewed in a negative light relative to other segmentation strategies such as psychological and lifestyle. However, your ability to pinpoint your consumer based on factors like gender, age, and marital status is a great launch point for honing in on the right people.

Consider gender, for instance. If 98 percent of your purchases are made by women, it makes sense to dedicate 100 percent of your marketing time and resources to targeting female consumers. Add a marital status and a target age range and your precision is fairly strong right off the bat.

“An ideal customer is one who’s needs and interests align as perfectly as possible with a solution your business offers.”

The Money Factors

The prices of the solutions you offer impact the people that can afford them, or do buy them as well. It normally takes someone with above-average income to purchase high-end, relatively expensive solutions. In contrast, a fixed-income or lower-income buyer is more interested in low-price or value-priced offerings.

Home values correlate with income levels or, sometimes, can act as a substitute when determining the purchasing power of a target market.

Geography and Location

Certain products appeal to people only in restricted geographic areas. For instance, sellers of snow-based outdoor recreation equipment usually go after consumers in cold-weather markets. It is normally a waste of resources to promote such goods to people living in the tropics or in hot-weather climates.

Even more precisely, you can capture data on whether city, county, state or zip code influence buying activity. The good news is you can normally filter marketing and sales investments to go after limited geographic areas.

Geographic segmentation

Other Factors

A few other factors can contribute to the development of ideal consumer prospect profiles for some companies and solutions. Your solutions may appeal to households with children, for instance. Buyers with particular hobbies, interests and lifestyle activities may also align well with the solutions you sell. These factors sometimes play more of a role than age range and other demographic traits.


The more precise you get in targeting your consumer markets, the greater your ability to make wise marketing and sales investments. The Salesgenie Consumer Leads solution is designed for companies that recognize the value of pinpoint target markets. We rely on enrichment sources to ensure you get the most accurate and complete information possible with acquired consumer leads.

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