Roofing leads

5 Amazing Tips to Generate Roofing Sales Leads

Businesses and consumers that invest in new roofing or repair projects have special needs relative to other buyers. If you are a contractor in this industry, finding the right roofing leads and successful promotion will drive your business.

Here are several key strategies and tips that lead to success in roofing lead generation!

Target Ideal Prospects

Targeting the right types of business and consumer prospects is step one to marketing efficiency. Through research, you can identify demographic, geographic, or firmographic traits that your typical customers have in common.

The best people to target are those whose characteristics align closely with your most profitable existing customers.

In some cases, you can utilize services that provide business and consumer lists with enhanced data. This data offers more insights on the people that purchase certain types of solutions at particular times.

Develop Effective Promotional Pieces

While roofs provide important protection for a building structure, it is often the aesthetic appeal that attracts interest from buyers. Investing in professional quality direct mailers or email campaigns helps you give prospects a glimpse of how the appearance of a building improves with a new roof.

Customer email marketing templates are also available for you to target more segmented business and consumer lists with styles, features, and tools that appeal to their natural interests.

Time Your Message

People often consider home improvement projects in late winter or early- to mid-spring. If you wait too long to deliver your message, you could find yourself late to the party.

Begin your promotional campaigns in late winter and early spring. Offering a promotional inducement is a common, effective way to invite people to commit early. Later on, when demand peaks, you can pick up more business at regular price points.

Use Mobile Lead Tools

The launch point for roofing business is an initial estimate appointment. As you look to build your project schedule through new contacts, a mobile tool to find new roofing leads provides a huge advantage.

A mobile mapping tool, for instance, allows you to search for new leads in a particular geographic area or within a radius of your current location. Thus, you don’t have to waste time going back and forth. Call on new contacts from the road and set up convenient estimate appointments.

A mobile app normally allows you to quickly route your transportation to the next stop as well.

Build a Home Base

Like other industries, roofing lead generation has moved online. Most people looking for a roofing contractor go to Google. Building a quality website and blog helps you offer useful and relevant content, and attract traffic from people looking for roof work in your area.

Roofing insights are beneficial to include in your email marketing campaigns. You can proactively provide answers to questions and helpful resources to people by including them in your email campaigns to targeted prospects.


Finding roofing leads that work for you comes down to your abilities to go after the right prospects with the right strategies. Time your message well and offer useful and helpful resources to people as they investigate options.

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