Attract millennials with direct mail

How to Create a Direct Mail Campaign to Attract Millennial Buyers

A lot of companies that target millennial buyers assume digital platforms are the only way to reach them. In fact, millennials do pay attention to direct mail if it is attractive, relevant, and useful.

The following is an overview of key strategies and tips to help you succeed with millennial direct mailers!

Infuse Interactivity

One of the reasons that digital strategies work so well with millennials is that this generation isn’t into passive messages that are commonly presented through traditional media. Instead, they want content that is interesting and that allows for engagement.

Modern design capabilities and technology make it possible to integrate very interactive features into direct mail pieces. Links to dedicated landing pages, QR codes, and virtual technology are a just a few of the elements companies now use to drive interactive via direct mail. In essence, you generate interest through a tangible mail piece and then hook the millennial into an effective journey that takes them to your online resources.

Make Pretty Pieces

Millennials tend to react more attentively to visual pieces than copy-driven mailers. Use attractive, colorful and high-quality designs to get your reader to pay attention the moment the piece is pulled from the mailbox.

Use concise but impactful copy that quickly speaks to the needs, preferences, and interests of a very targeted reader. If you succeed in delivering quality print materials, millennials pay attention. In fact, a recent survey revealed that the millennial generation is the most excited to explore what they receive in the mail.

Incorporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

Regardless of the platform, messages that integrate social and environmental content appeal to millennials. This generation is particularly interested in what your company does to take care of your community and the environment. When possible, include these elements in your millennial direct mailers.

Another small thing you can do is to use recycles print materials when you execute campaigns. This strategy helps build a positive rapport with the millennial audience.

Speak to the Individual

General interest pieces won’t work with millennials. While baby boomers are regarded as the “Me Generation,” their children, millennials, are sometimes known as the “Me Me Me Generation.” This reference is typically derogatory, but it offers some insights into the individuality, independence, and self-interest that is common among millennials.

Use your concise messages to provide personalized content that speaks to the natural interest, traits, and motives of this very distinct demographic. Give facts and stats that reinforce the benefits of your solutions.


Millennials are a unique and challenging audience, but direct mail pieces can work very well with these buyers if you apply the right targeting and messages strategies.

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