This is Why You Need to Combine Inbound and Outbound Marketing

“Inbound marketing” has been emphasized in present-day lead generation systems due to the evolution of digital communication tools and social media. While inbound marketing is typically effective and beneficial, companies still need to include outbound strategies for a complete plan. Buyers don’t always flock to your messages and your solutions; you sometimes need to venture out more assertively engage them.

The following are some key points to keep in mind as you build cohesive inbound and outbound strategies.

Warm Sales Calls

Traditional telemarketing and cold calling are consider old-fashioned outbound strategies. However, the role of sales teams in connecting with buyers is as important now as it ever have been. The difference is that reps make contact with warm leads, or are armed with data and knowledge about the buyer prepared in advance.

Blogs, social channels and lead-generation systems are used to gather as much data as possible about each prospect. You can also acquire targeted prospect lists through specialized sales lead providers. Salespeople contact a targeted lead that enables a more efficient process and higher conversion rate relative to older methods.

Intrigue Marketing

Companies want to combine the efficiency benefits of marketing automation with the power of personalized engagement. These methods, called intrigue marketing, combine inbound and outbound communication that culminates in a personal interaction.

For instance, companies may generate targeted leads through various channels, send out e-mails or direct mail pieces, and eventually set up a face-to-face event or an interactive online webinar or forum. The goal is to combine the efficiency of inbound lead generation with the effectiveness of customized messages.

E-mail Marketing

Like telemarketing, the approach you take with e-mail marketing dictates whether it fits the definition of inbound or outbound. Inbound e-mail marketing includes responses to customer inquiries or messages delivered to people who request additional information after exposure to marketing communication.

Outbound e-mail marketing involves message delivery without a direct inquiry from a customer, typically through list acquisition. Unfortunately, some shady companies offer e-mail lists with unverified and untargeted contacts. Salesgenie doesn’t; it provides subscribers access to targeted, verified contacts with rich profiles. As a marketing solutions expert, Salesgenie also helps you employ contemporary strategies for retargeting and tracking marketing performance.


Inbound strategies are critical to contemporary marketing success, but modern outbound strategies provide a necessary complement in order to achieve a fully-maximized sales and marketing system. Companies want efficient access to targeted contacts that set the stage for customized, personalized marketing communication.

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