The Best Way to Improve Your B2B Prospecting

A one-click dialer is an important tool for improving efficiency in B2B sales prospecting. As the label suggests, it is a tool that allows your sales reps to call on a contact by pushing one button that selects the targeted prospect and phone number. Embedded within a software solution, a quality dialer connects your lead generation activities to your first contact with a buyer in a seamless, effective way.

Following are examples of the primary benefits to your B2B prospecting activities when you utilize a one-click dialer!

Seamless Transition

When your lead generation and calling activities are separated, the manual transition from one to the other takes time. Salespeople have to look up the contact information for the prospect, read the phone number on the screen and manually input the digits.

In contrast, the ability to make a smooth switch from gathering prospect data to making a call is much more efficient. Reps shift from lead generation to calling with a click of a button. The Salesgenie Dialer, for instance, can boost your contact time with prospects by up to 15 percent. This enhanced interaction with buyers is a major boost for your team’s productivity. The dialer is also valuable for making follow-up calls, and performing service communication with established clients.

No Misdials

As with many manual processes, dialing a prospect’s phone number from the information on a computer screen can lead to misdials. Each misdial requires time and causes frustration. A quality one-click dialer negates the potential for misdials because you originate the call directly from the prospect’s profile with just a single click.

Stay Organized

Communicating directly from your lead generation system provides numerous organizational advantages. You can automatically track your communication activities in the same place that you store prospect data.

After your initial call, schedule follow-up calls based on the result. You can also efficiently enter notes from the call immediately after completion. These notes are useful when making follow-up contact.

Avoid Redundancy

It is not only embarrassing, but also a huge waste of time to call on contacts that you’ve already talked with. You risk alienating the marketplace as well, by developing a reputation as a push telemarketing firm. A quality one-click dialer alleviates these risks by flagging contacts after a call is completed. Thus, you don’t end up calling the same person on a future search or from another call list.

Detailed Reports

Sales leaders rely on reports to track performance and to make decisions. A one-click dialer allows managers to see how effective individual reps are at making calls, and with which types of prospects your team is experiencing the most success. Use these reports to recognize problems or inefficiencies, to make decisions and to coach your reps.


A one-click dialer offers numerous benefits, particularly in the area of communication efficiency. Reduce the potential for wasted steps and gain greater control over your transition from lead generation to lead nurturing.

Start your free trial of Salesgenie now and ask about Salesgenie Dialer to experience these benefits for yourself!