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5 Brilliant Google Ads Strategies to Boost Your PPC Campaign

Google Ad™ changes on a regular basis as the company attempts to give paying clients the best opportunity for successful advertising. However, you can only take advantage of new features and communication strategies if you keep up with the changes.

The following is a look at several fresh Google Ads hacks to help you optimize the results of your targeted advertising campaigns!

Invest for Success

Digital advertising is affordable and potentially more cost-efficient than other advertising options. However, you do need to set aside a reasonable budget to ensure the reach and frequency necessary to drive results. Since you can control your daily spend, you can evaluate the ROI before committing too heavily.

While your budget depends on a lot of factors, it typically takes at least $1,000 before you begin to see the desired response from a campaign.

Use Characters Efficiently

Google recently increased its character limits on Google Ads. You can now include 30 characters in each of two headlines, and 80 characters (40 per line) in your description.

Despite these boosted limits, you still need to optimize efficiency with your messages. Doing so helps you get the most bang for your buck and also enhances engagement with prospects. Avoid wasting characters on obvious things that prospects know; focus on intriguing elements that attract attention during a quick scan.

Use Punctuation to Close the First Description

Though the reasoning is uncertain, adding punctuation at the end of your first description line produces better campaign results in AdWords. The separation a period creates between message statements may simply allow readers to compartmentalize and pick up key message elements.

Add UTM Codes for Tracking

UTM codes allow you to track ad campaign results per ad. Without them, your Google Analytics™ tracking identifies your traffic referrals as “paid search.” This generic label does little to help you glean the value from particular ads delivered to specific audiences.

With UTM codes, you can better discern which ads drive the most traffic, lead to the highest duration time on site and cause the highest bounce rate. These insights help you improve campaign execution moving forward.

Create Remarketing Ads

Remarketing allows you to deliver customized display and text ads to users who have previously visited your site or even a specific page, within a designated time frame.

By setting up a custom remarketing campaign to a specific audience, you can optimize your budget and your message relevance by reaching people after initial engagement. Targeted remarketing works very well because it connects your brand with people who have shown previous interest.

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These are some of the best strategies and tips to help you take advantage of all that Google AdWords has to offer. Even with these insights, though, it is still challenging to achieve a strong return on investment when you run your AdWords campaigns alone. Salesgenie is an expert AdWords partner and is here to help; contact us today!