How to Reach Mobile Users With Email Marketing

As marketers react to the new era of the Internet, where mobile dominates traffic and search activity, a lot of emphasis is placed on search engine marketing strategies. However, companies are just coming around to the importance of mobile email marketing with campaigns formatted and structured for smartphone and tablet readers.

The following is a look at several key strategies and tips for mobile email marketing success!

Integrate Responsive Design

Responsive email design means your campaigns are set up for optimal reading on desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. Since about half of all emails are currently read on mobile, and, since your competitors are likely executing responsive design, make this your first priority.

Responsive design not only enhances the readability of your content, but it also projects a much more credible image to people consuming your content on mobile devices.

Offer Hyper-Personalization

Personalization in marketing is a huge trend in general. On mobile, you need to take your communication strategy to the next level with hyper-personalization.

Even though prospects read a lot of emails on mobile, their approach is normally superficial. People scan through messages on mobile to multi-task or take advantage of time on the road. However, to get people to pay more attention and to invest in an in-depth read, you need to appeal directly to their interests.

Segment your email lists precisely so that each person gets a message that offers content and links of significant interest.

Provide Targeted, Relevant Links

Given that people won’t take as much time to read lengthy content in mobile email marketing, embed targeted, relevant links consistently in your messages. The goal for mobile email is usually to drive traffic to your website or landing page.

By offering people access to materials and resources quickly, you push them along their buyer journey. The important next step is to have an optimized landing page that is also responsively designed, and targeted to the distinct needs of the prospect clicking from an email.

Track the results of your clicks to determine how effectively your emails, links and landing pages create a synergy that drives conversions.

Business prospects are often on the go when they take some time to scan through work e-mails

Limit the Topics and Messages

Although mobile email marketing readership rates are high, conversion rates are typically lower than they are on a desktop. In addition to personalization, limited topics and high interactivity help you drive traffic to your landing pages.

On a desktop, you have more capacity to divide emails into various sections. On mobile, people won’t invest enough time to scroll through a laundry list. Limit each email to a few primary messages.


Though a top priority, responsive design is just the starting point to successful mobile email marketing. Emphasize concise messages that are hyper-personalized, and rely on quick-hitting points to get people to click links to your web content.

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