This is What You Need to Create the Perfect Email Campaign

The components of a great acquisition email campaign

While firing up your grill is just one step in a successful backyard cookout, similarly an idea for a great acquisition email campaign is only the first step toward success. Gather the right components, which we’ve listed below, and you’re sure to launch a successful campaign!

The Main Dish

When you host a cookout, chances are you’re providing the main dish. From hotdogs and hamburgers, to steak and chicken there’s no wrong way to fill up people’s stomachs. Just like a good main dish (or two!) kicks off a great cookout, a strong message combined with an up-to-date email list is the solid foundation you need for your next email campaign. Whatever your main point, be sure to focus on that single idea (i.e., a grand opening, a sale) for your next email campaign.

Adding the Right Toppings

Ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, and relish are a few of the toppings you might see at a cookout this summer. When it comes to a great email campaign, what are the right toppings for your message? What will make the message even more appealing? It starts with a simple, succinct headline that grabs attention and pulls your reader in. Following that, ensure that your message speaks to your audience. Use keywords that will appeal to them such as FREE, BRAND NEW, or ACT NOW. Finally, your message should get to the point as quickly as possible. Use bullet points to shorten your message or link to a webpage where your audience can learn more.

Decide Upon Sides

Are you going with the potato salad or the coleslaw? Maybe you’ll just do both! When it comes to building a great acquisition email campaign, choose your side selections wisely based on the behaviors of your audience. For instance, if the majority of opens by your customers are happening on a mobile phone, you would want to make sure the acquisition email is mobile optimized. Likewise, if your audience responds better to text emails, don’t send an important offer in an html format. If you don’t know what your audience prefers, begin tracking the outcomes of your email campaigns or consider doing some A/B testing.

Choosing your Sauce

Perhaps you’d like to add a little steak sauce to your T-bone or maybe you’d prefer to smother your burger in BBQ sauce. Whatever sauce you choose, it’s bound to add a little something extra to your meal. When it comes to a great email campaign, have a little something extra to offer your audience. Whether it’s a free trial of your product or service, a discount for new or returning customers, or a pre-approval, give your audience a reason to follow up with you.

Grab a Bun

A delicious bun for your hotdog or a warm side roll with your chicken makes any cookout meal complete. When it comes to your email campaign, don’t forget to tie everything together–your subject, headline, message, keywords, and CTA–with a great design. It will improve the overall experience of your audience.

Dig In

Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your plate, it’s time to dig in. Likewise, once you click “send” on an email campaign, it’s time to sit back and view the results. You should track and measure things like email opens and which links were clicked the most or the least. By tracking acquisitions, behaviors, and outcomes, you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll need to change to make your next acquisition email campaign even more successful.

It takes work to pull off the perfect cookout or an excellent email campaign. Remember to follow the steps we’ve outlined and see your success in cooking out and in marketing, heat up.