You need to avoid these email prospecting mistakes.

5 Email Prospecting Mistakes That Will Sink Your Sales

These common email prospecting mistakes can get in the way of an otherwise prosperous campaign. Make sure you’re doing it the right way because email marketing offers a high return on investment when you target the right prospects with the right communication strategies.

The following is an overview of email prospecting mistakes you need to avoid if you’re trying to land a deal with a potential new customer:

1. Not Valuing Your Subject Line Enough

You spend all of your time and energy coming up with a professional design and engaging content for your email campaign. These things are critical to getting the results you want, but they don’t matter if you can’t first get a prospect to open your message.

Give at least as much effort to a high-impact subject line as you do to the messages contained within your email. Create a line that is concise but purposeful for your targeted prospects. Test various lines with your software program to gauge potential open rates.

2. Getting Too Wordy

Email is not the channel to deliver long-winded messages. Consumers and business buyers use email to deliver concise messages in a convenient way.

Tease the prospects with your email to leave them wanting more information in an interpersonal exchange.

3. Going Too Far With a Messaging Sequence

The best email campaigns are built with a strategic messaging sequence. Follow-up and reminder emails are important because most prospects don’t react to the first message you send. However, don’t get so far into your selling process that you eliminate sales opportunities.

Embed quality calls to action in your emails that compel readers to visit website landing pages, complete inquiry forms or call your rep.

4. Discussing Important Proposal Details

Never address your most important sales proposal points within an email. Doing so makes it too easy for a prospect to make a snap decision on the potential value of a solution you have to offer. Email communication is confusing at times as well, whereas face-to-face interaction helps you clarify key points.

Present key selling points and details of your proposal in face-to-face meetings. Top sales reps rely on nonverbal communication and emotional intelligence to read a prospect during a conversation.

5. Trying to Do Too Much

Focus on one key message or objective in a single email. Companies sometimes attempt to communicate too many things at once or include multiple links or calls to action.

Overwhelming a prospect with a kitchen-sink approach leads to inaction. Instead, take a stream-lined communication stance, with the goal of conveying one message with a single purpose. Build a series of similar messages to help prospects progress through the buying journey.


Avoid these email prospecting mistakes if you want to optimize results with your email marketing campaigns. Target the right people and avoid these errors to earn a high response rate on your campaigns.

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