Yes, Mobile is Changing How We Look at Sales

There’s no getting away from it—mobile is changing how we target prospects, find new leads, and close sales.

According to Google, 82% of people in stores turn to their smart phones for customer information to make a purchase decision. That’s a lot of people. So many, in fact, that they’re 57% more likely to visit a store, 39% more likely to call a business, and 51% more likely to make a purchase after they have done their research online.

So, you’re wondering: “How do I reach this large and highly-active audience?”

We’ll break it down into a simple approach. You need to observe both mobile and desktop customer behavior, which is commonly looked at separately. Google says B2C marketers see 90 percent of people today using multiple screens—such as a smartphone to a desktop—to make buying decisions. For example, 40% of people will research products on their smartphone and will then use a desktop to make a purchase.

An overall shift to mobile reflects a generational change in B2B and B2C marketing as more millennials become attached to their smart phones day and night. The latest figures from Google show a whopping 87% of millennials use mobile as their go-to information platform.

The numbers back it up, too. So if you’re a smartphone user, you’ll want to listen up. We check our phones roughly 150 times per day, totaling 177 minutes. And guess what? The average mobile session lasted 1 minute and 10 seconds. That’s a lot of time for people to see your message.

Still not a believer? Well, 68% of those people say they check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning, and 30% said not having their phones made them feel “anxious.”

In order to maximize your reach on smart phones and tablets, make sure your website is mobile-friendly or responsive, provide an easy-to-find clickable phone number, and multiple for ways for people to get in contact with you. Then you can convert these mobile visitors into new customers.