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This is How Salesgenie Keeps the Leads Coming

It is human nature to wish for things that you can’t get or don’t have. For a typical CEO, a dwindling supply of quality sales leads often causes the expression, “I wish I had more sales leads.” In fact, most company executives want a non-stop flow of current, updated and accurate prospects to call on.

In normal walks of life, it is hard to simply wish for something and see your dreams come true. In selling, Salesgenie is designed to be the dynamic lead generation service that wishful business leaders long for.

A Vast Supply of Contacts

Salesgenie has over 250 million business and consumer contacts in its database. When you sign up, you gain unlimited access to this database and the ability to search for sales leads that match your target customer profile.

You can hone in on your ideal prospects by filtering with over 100 search parameters. This tremendous search refinement capability helps you efficiently go after the right contacts.

No-Risk Trial

You don’t have to assume what you read about Salesgenie in fine print is true. You can experience it for yourself with a risk-free trial and the opportunity to download up to 150 contacts. See for yourself the types of quality sales leads you can generate with this system.

Awesome Data

Buying a list of names doesn’t do you much good. You need rich profiles on contacts with details that enable your team to make high-quality prospecting calls. High-quality data is a core strength of Salesgenie, as the company also serves Internet search engines and in-car navigation systems.

Marketing Tools

It is easier for your business to have tools that allow you to easily transition from one stage of the selling cycle to the next. Salesgenie Lead Manager™ allows you to view, sort and track your contacts. The advanced marketing tools enable development and distribution of e-mails and direct mail pieces as well.

Support and Solution Flexibility

Like the people you sell to, you want a flexible, customizable solution that matches your business needs. Salesgenie offers personalized marketing support to ensure you get the targeted sales leads you expect for your team. You can also choose from four different subscription packages based on your needs. The packages escalate from quality lead sourcing and tracking to full suite marketing solutions.

The ability to efficiency transition to communication with prospects is a major benefit of the Data Axle Genie service.


Outsourcing lead generation is often the way to go when a sales team is taxed for time. Salesgenie is an affordable option to receive your wish for perpetual contacts. The system is updated daily with new contacts and accurate profile details. This solution puts top targets in the hands of your talented sales professionals.