Why a Small Business Needs Automated Help

Small-business operators often find themselves in a virtual purgatory, stuck between their desire to compete with larger players and their need for economic efficiency. However, the wise owner is able to identify opportunities to leverage tech tools and small business software programs that allow them to accomplish both.

Following is a look at key reasons why your small business needs marketing automation to realize greater success!

You Need Every Customer

Small businesses cannot afford to lose a single customer. It is imperative that you take an approach that allows you to connect with buyers and deliver a personalized experience.

The primary purpose of relationship management tools and other small business software solutions is to allow you to target the right buyers based on what your analytics suggest, capture profile data during the prospect and customer stages, and deliver offerings that match the individual buyer’s requirements.

You Don’t Have Time to Communicate One-on-One

Ideally, you could spend the time to interact with each buyer in a one-on-one, interpersonal way. However, most small companies don’t have the manpower, time or resources to do this. Thus, the trick is to deliver a personalized experience in an efficient, affordable way.

With small business marketing automation, you can set up personalized campaigns that target prospects based on very precise metrics. Maintain existing relationships through retention campaigns that provide customers with resources they want after purchase, as well as enhanced purchase options.

The way you plan your campaigns upfront is what allows you to personalize messages. The small business software program does the automated work of delivery and data collection, which optimizes efficiency and controls costs.

You Want to Optimize Long-Term Profits

In addition to keeping every possible customer, you need to maximize your lifetime customer value to succeed in competing with large providers. CRM solutions, combined with small business marketing automation, allow you to leverage your strengths to give customers what they want.

During the post-purchase phase of the buyer journey, your customers evaluate their experiences. As you follow-up with impactful communication, your satisfied buyers are open to even greater ways to address needs. The more your solutions deliver, the greater your credibility and share of wallet. Additionally, satisfied customers become your best brand advocates. They tell others with similar traits and needs about their experiences, and this powerful word-of-mouth is an extremely efficient path to attract new customers.


A customer-centric culture combined with a CRM solution and small business marketing automation is powerful for a small company. You have a chance to compete against businesses with much larger budgets and economies of scale.

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