6 Proven Strategies for Targeting Millennials With Salesgenie

Generational values and tendencies are often overlooked as factors that impact buying behaviors. However, any company that primarily targets millennials must take into account shared values, attitudes, and habits of this demographic that influence their purchase decisions.

The following is a look at several critical strategies and tips for targeting Millennials.

Make Them Feel Good

Millennials are sometimes referred to as the “Me” generation. You don’t want to let this negative connotation impact your message, but realizing the importance of “self” among this audience is beneficial. Deliver messages that are positive and affirming of the worth and values of your market.

Personalize Your Message

Because of the self-interests of Millennials, it is imperative that you personalize your message. Mass mailers or email campaigns have little to no effect on this generation. Personalize your communication approach and message to the specific circumstances and requirements of each individual buyer.

Focus on the Final Leg

It is estimated that current Millennials will fill 20 percent of all jobs by 2020, according to Quosal. Many of these jobs will involve leadership and decision-making responsibilities.

As such, you need to recognize the distinct buying pattern when targeting Millennials, particularly in B2B. This age group prefers to conduct research online. Thus, in drawn out buying processes, 80 percent of the investigation is done independently. Your job is to present high-impact messages at crunch time through digital channels that this group prefers.

Give ’em What They Want… Quickly

This age demographic has an especially high demand for immediate gratification. They grew up in the digital age, and are used to accessing information and resources quickly, and often through mobile devices.

This desire for quick access contributes to high social usage rates among millennials. The vast majority of 18 to 34-year-olds use Facebook, and most are on multiple channels. Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest are all popular for young consumers, and Twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms to connect with millennial B2B buyers.

Earn Their Loyalty

Despite high demands, millennials are also loyal. When they find a brand they like, they talk about it with others and maintain commitment. Offer a good experience, maintain social media conversations and keep your message in front of this loyal core through personalized mail and email campaigns.

Let Friends Help Friends

Friends are a trusted resource for most buyers. However, the importance of friendly referrals is heightened among millennials. Quosal reported that 95 percent of U.S. millennials believe friends are their most trusted resource in a buying process.

Given the importance of peer influence, leverage the evolving trend of brand influencers in your digital campaigns. Whether in-message testimonials or campaign posts delivered by influencers on social channels, a trusted online resource is valuable for your brand.


To succeed when targeting millennials, you need to understand the values, motives and communication preferences of these buyers. Delivering a personalized message through convenient and accessible channels is your key to garnering loyalty.

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