How Display Advertising Helps Bring in New Customers

It’s easy to understand why audience-based display advertising will expand your reach.

Display advertising begins with your audiences such as a list of prospects or customers. The display campaign is set up to specifically target that audience, which may be interested or likely to purchase your products or services on websites they frequently visit. And when you combine an email campaign and a display campaign as part of a multi-channel marketing program, you’re more likely to see a significant increase in click-through rates (CTR) and overall response.

So what is CTR? It’s the percentage of people who open your emails and click a link inside them. The term also is used to represent the percentage of people who view your online display ads and click them. Another way to improve your CTR is to create a compelling hook for your audience to increase engagement. Display advertising also allows you to combine your offline data with Salesgenie’s online data to find the perfect customers.

Display advertising is an important factor that contributes to a high CTR. Once you identify content that’s right for your audience, the rest of the work becomes easy. The data proves it, too.

According to a recent Infogroup study, the average CTR using only display advertising is .07 percent. When you add display to email, the figure jumps to .17 percent—an overall CTR increase of 143 percent. Alternatively, the study found when display is added to email, the CTR jumps from .28 percent to .53 percent, an overall increase of 89 percent.

Here’s the simple explanation—the higher your CTR, the greater chance you have of boosting your overall response, meaning more customers and revenue.

So if you’re looking to reach more people, or just to engage more potential customers, in general, display advertising is a marketing strategy you need to keep in your pocket.