How to Achieve Your Direct Mail Goals

The ability to target prospects more efficiently is a big reason that direct mail plays a prominent role in modern marketing plans. Database technology allows your business to build deep demographic, geographic, firmographic, and behavioral profiles of prospects. However, unless you understand your direct mail goals, it is difficult to implement the right strategies and tactics to achieve the desired outcome.

The following is a look at some of the most common goals companies have with direct mail campaigns, along with strategies and tips on how to hit your marks.

Build Awareness

If your company is new, or you are attempting to reach a new market, brand awareness is an important first objective. You want the people in your target market to become familiar with your brand, your business, and solutions. Beyond the direct benefits of customer acquisition, awareness contributes to word-of-mouth buzz in the marketplace.

If increased awareness is your objective, put the time and effort into creating a quality piece. You want to instill an impression that is strong and positive to enhance your market vibe. A strong reputation contributes to success in reaching all other marketing communication goals.

Communicate New Information

You could also use direct email to communicate announcements or new information about your business or to update existing customers on an important development. A change of location is significant enough, for instance, that you might want to run a campaign to your existing customer database to let them know how to find you after the move. Big sales events and new product launches are other possibilities for mail communication.

Drive Leads

One of the more common direct mail objectives is new customer acquisition. You want to drive leads by letting prospects with specific needs and interests know about the benefits of your company and solutions.

To achieve lead acquisition goals, it is imperative that you precisely target the right people with the right messages. Know the deep needs and emotional concerns of prospects, and craft a piece that quickly gets at the core of them. Indicate the primary benefit or benefits that matter most to a segmented market.

Optimize Return on Investment

Financially, as with any form of marketing communication, you want to optimize your return on investment. This goal usually aligns with an acquisition objective. Firms compare the return on investment for various forms of promotion to identify the most efficient options.

To achieve strong direct mail ROI, it is important to control costs to the extent possible, yet create a strong enough message impression that your response is enough to drive new sales.


These are some of the varied, but common objectives of direct mail campaigns. To get the best results from your campaigns, know what you want to accomplish and prepare strategies and compelling pieces to match.

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