Better lead management starts with optimization.

How to Build a Better Lead Management Process

Do you spend enough time planning and executing effective lead management? If not, you are not alone! Lead management is often the missing piece of the puzzle in a comprehensive sales strategy.

The following is an overview of key strategies to help your company improve its lead management system:

1. Have a Comprehensive Lead Management Plan

It may seem like common sense, but a lot of lead management efforts fail in the beginning because companies don’t have a well-thought-out plan in place. Your lead management plan should outline all of the people, systems, tools, and activities that are integrated with your lead management from generation through purchase.

You can’t put all your efforts into generating leads and then figure out what to do with them as an afterthought. You need an effective communication strategy and content flow in place so that qualified leads progress efficiently from one stage to the next.

2. Optimize Marketing and Sales Alignment

Aligning sales and marketing goals and activities is critical to the success of your lead management plan. Typically, marketing is responsible for lead generation, and sales is responsible for lead nurturing and closing deals. However, synergy is necessary so that you acquire high-opportunity leads and then nurture and convert them successfully.

Leaders in your marketing and sales teams need to collaborate on the entire lead management plan from the start. Only then can you get the right lead management forms in place on your website and the right acquisition strategies in place. Your sales team then knows the right time to make a call on a qualified lead, and they are armed with critical details for lead nurturing.

3. Optimize Content Flow and Messaging

Content marketing, including your website and blog content, email campaigns, social media, print and traditional messaging, must be optimized. About 70 percent of the typical buyer journey occurs before your sales team engages a prospect. Thus, you need to align your content and messaging with your lead management process.

Your initial content targeting acquired leads may include a mix of emails and direct mails aimed at guiding the lead toward the consideration and purchase stages of the journey. Based on user engagement, leverage automation to personalize communication and make the sales call at appropriate times.

4. Use Mobile Tools

To optimize efficiency, you want your sales team to manage leads from the road rather than having to return to the office at all times. Thus, it is imperative that you have access to lead management tools via mobile applications and tools.

The Salesgenie Mobile App was developed to give your team access to all of the best lead management features on one mobile platform. It allows you to search prospects near you, view assigned leads, gain insights, map travel to leads, and much more.


These are some of the most compelling strategies to help you boost your lead management. Integrate these tips into your lead management plan to improve conversation rates and efficiency.

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