How to Get the Most Value from Your Leads

For miners who dig in the right places, bountiful gold generates plenty of riches. In the same way, salespeople find optimal revenue opportunities when they dig for “gold” with the right types of prospects. The key is to figure out where the gold lies and how to efficiently mine it.

Digging in the Wrong Places

To understand the tremendous importance of digging efficiently, you need to recognize the problems that arise from failed lead generation efforts. Trying to attract buyers that don’t need the benefits of your solutions is a waste of time, effort and energy. Even when you get an appointment, inefficient selling cycles and wasted time are normal results. Perhaps more importantly, the more time you invest digging in the wrong places, the less time you have remaining to dig in the right places.

Identifying the Right Prospects

Many prospectors mistake similar minerals for gold, or simply dig without a certain target. Entrepreneur also compared prospecting to fishing. If you don’t know what you want to catch, you fish in the wrong hole or put the wrong bait on the hook.

The best place to start in mining for new prospects is to look at the traits and qualities of your best current customers.

Over time, patterns typically emerge that point to the buyers who value your solutions the most. As you search for new buyers, apply your ideal customer profile and you are more likely to search in the right places and use the right lead generation tools.

Claiming Your Treasure

When you know the prospects you want to attract, the next step is to identify the best lead generation system to do so. Traditional prospecting tools include referrals, networking, websites and account-based prospecting.

While many of these tools still hold value, advanced lead generation software solutions can do much of the heavy lifting for you. Imagine having a solution that does the hard work of digging for you, while your sales team focuses on converting the raw materials into treasure (or revenue). Salesgenie, for instance, is a subscription system that profiles your best customers and uses those traits to deliver consistent, targeted leads for your team to call on.


If you don’t have a prospecting plan that targets your gold, you, more often than not, turn up worthless rocks. If your lead generation process lacks precision and effectiveness, step back and consider whether you are going after the right people. You need a thorough profile of your best customers to create a clear picture of who to go after.

Then, take advantage of high-quality, lead generation systems that recognize your gold, find it for you, and set your team up for efficient sales conversions.

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