Direct marketing

4 Tips to Improving Your Direct Marketing Strategy and Increasing Response Rate

Whether you execute your direct marketing through mail, email, phone, or a combination of the three, optimizing your response rate is vital to achieving a high return on investment. A strong response rate enables you to generate leads and convert sales more efficiently.

The following is an overview of some of the best strategies and tips to help your business improve its direct marketing response rate across all media.

Target the Right People

Effective lead generation always begins with targeting the right people. Before you deliver on any type of marketing campaign, build a strong profile of the people you want to target. Consider the demographic, geographic, firmographic, and behavioral traits that make an audience ideal for the particular solution you are promoting.

The richer the target persona or profile, the better able you are to utilize the most appropriate communication channels and message strategy.

Know Their Delivery Preferences

You have a lot of options for executing direct marketing, but your audience may have one or two preferred channels that you should focus on. For instance, local companies sometimes do better with direct mail than they do with email. People respond well to small business mailers about company news, special events, deals, and discounts.

In B2B, email tends to work better than direct mail in many industries, as prospects in B2B schedule time each day to read email. A well-executed subject line and message strategy can achieve effective results in this sector.

Create a Strong Message

Targeting the right people through the right channel is only fruitful if you deliver a powerful message. A great message strategy is based on deep understanding of the needs, motives, and emotions of the targeted recipient. It also has a professional, appealing, and easy-to-follow design and layout. The more concentrated your message to the specific persona, the more attention it receives.

Making the right offer is important as well. The right offer is based on the deals that interest the audience, as well as the particular solutions they need.

Track Results and Modify

The ability to track results is a major reason direct marketing has grown in recent years. For example, you can measure the percentage of recipients that open your emails, click-through rates, and bounce rates. In direct mail, a dedicated offer or website enables measurement of the percentage of recipients who take the desired action.

Before you run a campaign, know how you plan to measure the response and ROI. As you execute, track results so that you can review successes and failures, and modify your approach moving forward.


Direct marketing affords your business a lot of opportunities to generate leads, earn customers, and drive profits. These strategies and tips can help you optimize your response regardless of medium.

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