4 Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Solutions You Need to Know

Multi-channel marketing is the coordinated use of multiple promotional channels to execute a campaign. When well-planned, a multi-channel campaign achieves synergy by leveraging the audiences and relative strengths of each platform.

The following is a look at specific multi-channel marketing benefits and statistics that support the higher potential return on investment!

Expand Your Reach

Multiple channels allow you to get your message in front of more people than you could through a single channel. This point is true even when there is some duplication in the audience.

The more people you reach the greater your ability to inspire word-of-mouth marketing or message sharing as well. People you reach with an e-mail message could forward that on, for instance, or people who see your social media posts might share it with their followers.

Reinforce Messaging

Each promotional channel offers different formats and elements in messaging. When you align the strengths of your brand with the capabilities of multiple channels and then reach the ideal marketplace, you have a tremendous opportunity for strong message weight.

It often takes many exposures to a broadcast or digital ad before a prospect recalls the message and is affected. However, the impact of an execution on these platforms sets the table for a buyer to react more favorably to a well-crafted mail piece or e-mail campaign. You reinforce central themes that highlight core benefits for the targeted buyer.

Acquire More Leads

When you reach more people and have strong message weight, you generate more leads. People who have seen your ads on other platforms are more likely to call a number on a quality mail piece or digital campaign.

Because you present messages on multiple channels, it is easier to collect data on your prospects and their behaviors. Over time, amplify the messages that drive leads and minimize those that don’t. The end result is more precise and impactful messages reaching your ideal customer profile.

Boost Conversion Rates

Finally, you can expect to achieve higher conversion rates and greater return on investment from the synergies of your multi-channel marketing campaign. Your consistent message reinforcement connects with more of the right prospects in a setting that influences their decisions, and you prep the contact for a successful sales call. Repeat business typically gets a boost as well, since satisfied customers experience your brand reminders across multiple channels.

A recent study on the effects of multi-channel digital marketing campaigns indicated a 300 percent increased ROI and a 24 percent conversation rate boost. The study also suggested that the typical consumer experiences brand messages across six different communication channels before a purchase.


The multi-channel marketing benefits and evidence of greater ROI make it clear that this strategy works. The trick is to leverage the right channels to target the right buyers in a personalized way.

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